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Let’s help you make peace with perfectionism to move forward in your goals and dreams.

Calling All Women Who Want to Stop Hedging on Goals Because They’re Not Doing a “Perfect” Job at Getting Them Done.

(And no judgment if you haven’t started some goals because perfectionism is already getting in the way…)

Learn one simple tool so you can start to get out of the cycle of perfectionism and move forward in your life and work goals.

You deserve to see yourself (and love yourself) outside the expectations of perfectionism and to lean forward into your potential without limitations.

Grab the course today for $99.00 (USD)!

You just want to be able to go with the flow of a goal or a project without getting bogged down in perfectionism or overthinking about the “right” way to do it.

Stuck and overwhelmed

You feel like you’re not moving forward and you can see the finish line of your goal, project, or dream, but you’re just not getting there.

Wanting more energy

Perfectionism is a time and energy drain. And you’re seeing how this isn’t sustainable and you want more joy and freedom for the years to come.

Craving a simple tool

An 87-item checklist can feel daunting to most of us, but especially perfectionists. This course is bite-sized, do-able in two hours, start to finish.

I promise, it’s not just you:

  • Do you feel like you’ve tried to tell your Inner Perfectionist to take a back seat for a while? We did.
  • Have you gotten a few steps ahead, only to find yourself five steps backward and overthinking again? Yep, that was us.
  • How about knowing deep down that you don’t have to be perfect but not figuring out how to not be a perfectionist? (raising our hand)

With Making  Peace with Perfectionism, you’ll get a chance to learn a simple tool that I use to this day. It’s not only helped me with perfectionism, but even other ways of approaching life and work tasks and pivots that felt stifling.

Welcome to Making Peace with Perfectionism to Do Your Big Purpose

Grab the course today for $99.00 (USD)!

When You Purchase the Course, You’ll Learn:

  • Where perfectionism can come from (from the FSW perspective)
  • Some approaches to working with it vs. fighting it all the time
  • How to recognize it within yourself so you can start to let it go
  • A key tool that will help you make peace with it so you can move forward into goal-getting vs. feeling constantly stuck in the overwhelm and exhaustion

Picture This:

  • You’re not so damn tired, because perfectionism can be exhausting AF.
  • You’re experiencing life with more joy, freedom, laughter, and self-forgiveness for pivots.
  • You get to move forward with self-acceptance and soul-full authenticity
  • Bonus: you have a simple tool to remember when dealing with perfectionism or other things that come up.

You deserve to love yourself, even when you make “mistakes.” Even when you pivot. And especially as you expand and grow.

And to do that, let’s make peace with perfectionism, shall we?

Testimonials & Featured In…

“In the few months since I’ve known Virginia, I’ve experienced her wisdom, generosity, patience, and truth-telling. Her vision of supporting women to be their own boss goes beyond the simple “just be an entrepreneur.”

Her primary focus is to support women to stand in their agency, alignment, and autonomy, no matter what it looks like in their different seasons. She trusts in women’s ability to carve their path. In addition to being a fully present listener, she has a magical way to plant seeds to encourage women to explore what she feels they need to.

She is a brave space holder and understands that our timetable may look different but once we’re ready to take a leap or make a pivot happen, she jumps right back in to brainstorm and brings new ideas to the table.”

I am so glad that Virginia and I connected…It has been such a great experience. Every time Virginia and I get on the call I take away so much from the call. She is open, honest, and great at connecting the dots to what I need to do when I am unable to see them.

She is extremely knowledgeable and has such a kind heart. She is always willing to go the extra mile for you, just because. I am so glad that I now have Virginia in my corner and if you are looking for someone to push you to reach your FULL potential, then Virginia is your girl!

Hello, it’s me… The Queen of Perfectionism

Let’s be honest: I still put the crown on sometimes.

I forget that I don’t have to be perfect. And I forget that I can learn how to do things and not do it right the first time. Or the 12th.

And in releasing perfectionism as often as possible, I’ve found something new: self-respect.

Now I look forward to the days and years ahead with more laughter, my real voice, and confidence.

Perfectionism seemed to give me these things… But really it held me back.

Is it holding you back?

Like I’ve already said here at FSW, you’re here to do some beautiful work, be it in your professional role, your personal life, or even within yourself. And that is critical for your expansion and how we continue to pay it forward for the women coming behind us.

Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of your greatness, my friend. Let’s start to work with it differently.

This course is for the type of woman who is...

The Driven, Type-A Changemaker Woman

Calling all women with work experience who aren’t afraid of a (self)challenge.

You’re ready to take on goals. You want to “make things happen.” And you want to love yourself during the process and not doubt yourself as much along the way. Because you know you have strengths and want to serve without hedging as much.

The Burned Out Grim Reaper

Those of us that see where improvements can be made and how the world would be a better place tend to burn out. Because we give 150% to causes, visions, and missions, and we want to see change (actually) happen. Working with perfectionism differently helps you create a sustainable future in work and life.

The One Who Pays It Forward

We appreciate anyone who isn’t just out for themselves and their glory. That’s the old way of doing work: competition, the haves and have nots, and taking others out in the rat race. We, at FSW, want to change the collective and to do that, we need your help paying it forward for other women and folks. When more of us thrive, we all “win.”

FYI: you're able to get a refund within 7 days of purchase.

We get life happens. You have seven days to request a refund, but you have to show us that you tried to do the work in the course and reached out to us via email. Groovy?

Grab the course today for $99.00 (USD)!

Curious to hear more about the course?

Have More Questions? Let's go over them...

Why is this course so bite-sized and priced this way?

When doing over 50-research surveys for my other program, women continuously brought up perfectionism, imposter syndrome, etc. It’s one key way that so many of us (including myself) hold back in life and work.

That’s why I wanted to create something that could be done in an afternoon or a weekend, depending on what’s happening in life.

And that’s another reason why it’s priced the way it is. I know women can use a simple tool, that I’ve used myself time and again, for under $200.

I’m up to my ears with life, work, and other responsibilities. I’m not sure I have the time.

We understand having responsibilities and fully support you doing a course like this (or anything) when you have time and the energy to focus on it.

That being said, this course is self-paced and you get lifetime access to it as long as it exists on the internet.

So, if you might have time, and really want to do it, just go at your own pace. Remember, we’re trying to do things (im)perfectly.

Do I have to buy anything extra, like your other programs and services?

Definitely not. We like offering women options, because sometimes we need to pick and choose what we need in the moment. So, just know that you don’t buy anything extra unless you want to.

Do you have a refund policy?

We do. You have seven days to request a refund, but you have to show us that you tried to do the work in the lessons and reached out to us via email.

Again, we get life happens, but like with any course or program purchase, if you do absolutely nothing, you naturally won’t see any results or shifts of thinking. This space is about ownership and doing the work, to the very best of your ability.

Any other questions not listed here?

Contact us at

You’re ready to quit comparing yourself to others and, especially, quit competing with yourself. Grab the MPP course today so you can start to work through your goals, with more self-love and compassion, and keep working towards your bigger purpose.


Let’s hang up our crowns of perfectionism together, using your wisdom within, Soul Sister!

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