Intuitive women, Welcome

Let's Bring Your Soul's Purpose to Life.

Calling the creatives, the guides, and other changemakers.

You’re tired of the toxic rat race and spending your precious energy doing someone else’s mission.

And you can feel it in your bones that it’s time to create your own path and bring your purpose to life.

Because you can see a better world taking shape.


We’ve been there and other women have shared their struggles, too. You might be…


Confusion about how to “level up,” not to climb the career ladder, but to find work where you’re actually making an impact.



You can’t trust yourself because you’ve been burned by toxic teams or that you have to stay where you are.


On others to validate your strengths and ideas. It feels like you can’t take the lead in your life or create the role you’re longing for.



Overthinking, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. Or being scared of making a pivot into aligned work.

This program is about your growth and evolution, so you can confidently and heartfully say, “Yes!” to autonomy, independence, and the impact only you can make.

Everyone leads their own life differently and it’s natural that your path isn’t cookie cutter. It’s your quest and we’re bumping up to unicorn level, my friend.

Within six months you can craft a unique-to-you Blueprint, which will offer you clarity and confidence, so you can reduce overthinking and move forward more quickly.

modules on the past, present, and possibilities, plus a bonus: being your own boss

page workbook for guidance and shifting, toward your unique WISE Goals™

surveys with women to build the ZPB from the ground up and support your path

cups of caffeine to pull this wisdom together and hold space for dreams

Some women love to work independently and others want support.


That’s why we offer two ways of crafting your Blueprint that range in depth and affordability.

Pro Tip: Regardless of what tier you choose, give yourself two to three hours a week on average to see what your Zone of Purpose™ could look like.


The goal is for you to complete the Blueprint within six months. Yep, even while you work for someone else or are navigating your career journey!

Picture It…

  • You’ve got a deeper and wiser understanding of your strengths so you can craft a plan to get off the hamster wheel and show up with fulfillment, self-assurance, and wellness in mind.
  • You’re standing in a space full of folks like you who welcome and embrace their legacy, knowing that is what being your own boss could feel like.
  • As a soon-to-be independent service provider, you have new, soul-stirring language to craft what you might provide clients, whenever and however you pivot away from the 9-5.

You deserve to live and work from your soul with balance and not burnout.

It’s time to own your worth, remember your wisdom, return to yourself and evolve into who you’re meant to be.

Who will you become and how will you serve this world?

And You Get Bonuses!

When joining The Zone of Purpose Blueprint program, all tiers receive:

  • The video course Making Peace with Perfectionism to Do Your Big Purpose.
  • The digital copy of the Soul-Full Living Journal, to help you build your confidence with 80-prompts!

(Both are valued at $300 or more)

I didn’t know I needed to build a business until I couldn’t fit into a box anymore.

Before creating Feminine Sage Wisdom, I would think, “C’mon Virginia, you thought this was it, the place for impact and change…”

And it took me *years* to find out what was missing in my life: a feeling of balance, boundaries, and living in a world of possibilities independent of an organization.

I couldn’t get these non-negotiables, or make my soul-full contribution to the world, without saying, “Yes!” to being an independent guide.

We live in a world that challenges us, but I’m here to walk with you as you reflect on what your path forward can look like, beyond the 9-5.

There is no one like you on this planet.

You’re here to do some beautiful work that is critical for your expansion and how we continue to pay it forward for the women coming behind us.

Join me, fellow independent woman, in this collective movement that lets you shine.

It’s time to craft your vision and open a new chapter in life.

Become the guide, consultant, educator, therapist, or whatever role you decide to step into. What I care about is that you aren’t stifled anymore and want to make the world a better place.

And let’s do it without a five-figure price tag, am I right?

Testimonials & Featured In…

Virginia is an incredible coach. From the first time I spoke with her till now, I have found her perspectives helpful and encouraging. She listens, supports, questions and gets you to think. Most of all, she believes in you and encourages you to pursue your passion and dreams, living your best life. You feel you have someone in your corner to cheer, celebrate or whatever you need to push forward!

Join her program and see for yourself!

I cannot recommend Virginia highly enough. Her coaching has resulted in some profound insights that I was unable to achieve by myself…she helped me achieve in less than half an hour what I had been attempting to do for months. If that’s not a life-changing outcome, I don’t know what is!

I leave…feeling more aligned with my authentic self, clearer about my priorities, and motivated to take action. Her empathic nature and ability to reframe my experiences to help me move forward in a meaningful way has been a game-changer.

I joined because I am in a period of transition and wanted clarity as I embark on the next phase in my life…it has already brought in spades the clarity I was searching for. I’m so glad I joined and highly recommend it for women looking to pivot and live their life purposes.

“In the few months since I’ve known Virginia, I’ve experienced her wisdom, generosity, patience, and truth-telling. Her vision of supporting women to be their own boss goes beyond the simple “just be an entrepreneur.”

Her primary focus is to support women to stand in their agency, alignment, and autonomy, no matter what it looks like in their different seasons. She trusts in women’s ability to carve their path. In addition to being a fully present listener, she has a magical way to plant seeds to encourage women to explore what she feels they need to.

She is a brave space holder and understands that our timetable may look different but once we’re ready to take a leap or make a pivot happen, she jumps right back in to brainstorm and brings new ideas to the table.”

Curious to hear more about the ZPB?

Have More Questions? Let's go over them...

Will you help me build my business or independent entity?

We’re not here to do backend work; we’re here to help you envision what your business, side hustle, or whatever you’ll call it, could become or look like. Our strengths lie in holding sacred space for your soul’s stirrings, talking through curiosities and questions, and making connections in what you convey to us.

The great news: in the Be Your Own Boss Guide (at the end of the ZPB) you’ll get a list of trusted referrals we’ve used or followed. Whether you use them for “business” building or someone else, we’re here to cheer you on!

I’m up to my ears with work, life happening, and 14 obligations in my planner. I’m not sure I have the time for this deep-dive.

Any of the tier options are self-paced so you don’t feel pressure to show up to a live event if you’re having an off week or month. And we all know after the last few years with the pandemic, you think you’re going to have an X Day and it becomes a Y Day. You get lifetime access to video content and recordings, even at the lowest tier, so you pace yourself as needed.

How is the Zone of Purpose Blueprint different from other programs and courses out there?

The ZPB is designed to help you craft your next independent steps tapping into your past, present, and possibilities. They’re not mine, they’re yours. I’m literally a guide here…

I’ve joined programs where they look for the one type of client and say, “This is the process you must do,” with a booming deity-like voice. Honestly, our modules help you unpack information from our perspective, yes, but that’s only because we’ve spent years with tears, cursing, and a ton of pivoting, to get to this point. At FSW, we love a variety of backgrounds from our clientele. We adore soul-full stirrings and those whispers within that say, “You’re meant to do something more.” And we tried niche-ing in ways and it didn’t stick. Because you and I are unicorns not cookie cutters.

Why is the pricing the way it is and with tiers? Do I have to buy anything extra, like your other programs and services?

When doing over 50-research surveys, to help build the content for this program and serve women in this way, many shared price ranges that were well above what I originally started this program at. Many recommended above $1,000 and some went up to $10,000. (I was pretty stunned myself.)

This offer has evolved over time. Now you get a bundle, with more value, because I’ve been there: craving change, trying to wait for the next paycheck to make my move, and worrying about the dollars in the account.

And the good news is you get this ZPB bundle regardless of tier selection. So, those extras are already there for the same price tag. As for other services and products by FSW: you don’t buy anything extra unless you want to.

Do you have a refund policy?

For the Oak Level, you have seven days to request a refund, but you have to show us that you tried to do the work in the modules and reach out to us via email. Please note that the Sapling Level (aka content only) does NOT offer a refund because it’s in digital format.

Now, we will say that this program is a deep dive; it’s like a college course in “mindful career-ing.” And if you do absolutely nothing, you naturally won’t see any results or shifts of thinking. This space is about ownership and doing the work, to the very best of your ability.

Any other questions not listed here?

Contact us at

Join The Zone of Purpose Blueprint now so you can begin to craft your next steps to learning how and why you’d want to be your own boss with vision, confidence, and deep self-knowledge.

And let’s get this done a.s.a.p. and light your way together, from your wisdom within, Soul Sister!

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