Welcome to Feminine Sage Wisdom

soul-full and Independent Women

we help intuitive women root into their wisdom and share Their Gifts with the world, Right from their soul.

here are some of the ways we do it:

The Zone of Purpose™ Blueprint

What impact do you wish to make in the world that only you can make?

My friend, it’s time to bring your purpose to life with the Zone of Purpose Blueprint.

We won’t build your business, because we have trusted referrals that can help there, but our role is to walk with you as you bring your purpose to life!

Craving purposeful work without constrictions? Want to wave goodbye to stakeholders you’re not aligned with? And would you like to craft a business?

Let’s have a coffee together!

The Soul-Full Business Flow

We believe in doing business with less bro-culture and toxicity. Are you ready?

As a wise woman, you’re in the right place: you want to embody your gifts and help this world shift and change.

In the Soul-Full Business Flow (or SFBF), aligned women are offered membership to craft a business path that balances their soul, intuition, and aligned actions. Bring the ideas and plan(s): we love them and will offer our sage advice for your wisdom to shine through!

Let’s have less toxicity in this world, shall we?

The Wise Woman Community

Are you a soul-full woman ready to de-hustle so you can grow and glow?

The Wise Woman Community (WWC) is for queer women, by queer women. And, yes, it’s a private space for us!

This space is for LGBTQ+ women to ditch the hustle, have accountability, and be together in our rainbow vibes all year, not just during Pride month.

If you want to join our membership community, let’s chat, before, during, or after Pride!

Because this space is 365 days a year on purpose!

Why Work With Us?

  • We’ll admit we’re not the expert of your life and are here as a guide to ask questions in new ways and show up for your expansion.

  • We’ve been there with hedging and uncertainty. That’s why we needed our own method to doing life with soul, which we found out after years of our own evolution, tears, chocolate, and lots of cursing.
  • We recognize you are more than a job title or a resume. You’re a whole being who is valuable as you are, beyond the CV and commute.
  • You are the sage of the journey called life, and we’re here to help your light shine even brighter to guide your way. And PS) we won’t say this is the “secret sauce,” because you are the secret sauce!

About Me

Hey, there! I’m your friendly (and sassy) soul behind Feminine Sage Wisdom (FSW). And I’m here to champion women, especially intuitive and independent women who are ready to make the impact they crave in this world from their soul. Even better: you want to make change (and waves) so others can live their best lives, too, and provide a service. Let’s find out what that looks like!

I’ve been there: I always hit a wall a year or two into a job wondering, “Is this it??!” Then I’d change jobs and start the process over, just to be disappointed again and again. I felt useless and powerless, but let’s fast forward to FSW and why one of my jokes is being an Anti-Career Guide.

It’s in the name: our wisdom is within and we deserve to work and live by it. We deserve to make an impact vs. do the grind in the “perfect career.”

That’s why I provide you products and services that help you do your soul-full work, show up in your authenticity, and create change that only you can do.

Embrace soul-full guidance in an afternoon.

Whether you want to start a business or make an impact in that way, this resource will help you receive guidance from the Cosmos and begin to show you a direction that’s already whispering your name.

Because you are the Cosmos. And it’s time to share your magic.

Testimonials & Featured In…

In the few months since I’ve known Virginia, I’ve experienced her wisdom, generosity, patience, and truth-telling. Her vision of supporting women to be their own boss goes beyond the simple “just be an entrepreneur.”

Her primary focus is to support women to stand in their agency, alignment, and autonomy, no matter what it looks like in their different seasons. She trusts in women’s ability to carve their path. In addition to being a fully present listener, she has a magical way to plant seeds to encourage women to explore what she feels they need to.

She is a brave space holder and understands that our timetable may look different but once we’re ready to take a leap or make a pivot happen, she jumps right back in to brainstorm and brings new ideas to the table.

Virginia is, straight up, very good people. She is warm, empathetic, engaging, and effective.

By effective, I mean that she is a fierce advocate for the social work profession, for women, and for equality in our society generally.

My professional network is stronger simply because Virginia is a part of it. I have no doubt many others would say the same (she’s a great networker). Virginia is super groovy, and I recommend her in just about any way it’s possible to do so.