About You:

Are you feeling a sense of inadequacy in your job or career field?

Do you feel like you have so much more to give in the work that you do, and you don’t even know where to start?

Maybe you feel like you’re exhausted or overwhelmed 24/7 and don’t have it in you to take the next step – just the next – to do something different?

Or you feel like you’re ready to make some changes, and need encouragement along the way?

For sure: we have all faced challenges and ideally, we’d have a Life Manual we can crack open every time we have a question. Sometimes it seems like the signs are there, but then other times it feels like there is radio silence and no direction.

But, what if there was a guide already there? What if we could trust ourselves again to live life fully and also work from this wise, intuitive center?

That’s what this space is for: guiding Millennial women like you to realign with your strengths, refocus on your essence, and reawaken your purpose, so you can have a healthier, sustainable pace of living and do your expansive, fulfilling work. Because…why not?

About Me:

Feminine Sage Wisdom started because I had it with my last 9-5. I was beginning to feel like the Grim Reaper!

It was yet another job where my heart and soul didn’t feel as full as it could be with what I was doing. While organically unfolding in my life, this business allows me the opportunity to help women embody their heartfelt work and soul’s mission, plus get clarity on what a joyful and purposeful life can look like. I had to ditch the go-go-go over the years and tap back into my own feminine sage wisdom. That’s what I now help women do, too. Specifically, my products and free offerings are for Millennial women because I am one and know the rat race we were told to conform to at the beginning of our careers. I also deeply understand today how so many of us crave peace and work-life balance and how we want to enjoy our lives well before retirement.

In my signature program, The Zone Of Purpose™ Blueprint, I guide Millennial women who are driven and a little “Type A” (like me) towards their transition in work and life. They already know they’re ready to ditch what doesn’t align with them any longer, especially soul-sucking work. And they just need clarity, confidence, and, frankly, the friendly nudge to help them do it. I fully believe in soul-full living and help women take a chance on themselves: to walk out of their comfort zone, realign with their wellness, and take the next steps towards their legacy and impact by leading their life on their terms. Leading their life in new ways may look like starting a business, establishing a non-profit, being a consultant, or finding a new job that sings to them. Yet, while they unpack their evolution to “start their career revolution,” I offer much more than a career pivot: I offer them a new way of living.

And in my new course, Making Peace with Perfectionism to Do Your Big Purpose™, we start by working with perfectionism differently to recharge and move forward toward our goals and dreams!

Finally, FSW is a woman-owned and LGBTQ+ business. I am more than happy to work with and hold space for women who are part of the LGBT+ Family. As a “sibling” myself, I get the intersectionality of work and life and trying to be who we are.

We all have different backgrounds and dreams, and I’m trying to meet you where you are – right here, right now. Welcome to FSW!

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