What Makes a Sage?

Soul. Experience. Holistic Balance. Intention. Evolution. Choice.


In every job, I always wondered, “Is this it??”

And on the outside was a smile and reliable perkiness, but on the inside was a woman with a lantern in the dark, wondering which direction was the “right” way to go at her career and life crossroads.

I thought it would be more letters behind my name…

But really, it was finding my wisdom within. It was finding my zone. And now I help women do the same, because we deserve to love ourselves, show up for ourselves, and be who we’re meant to be.

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Four sectors later, with some alphabet soup behind my name, and years of learning… I wouldn’t throw any of it away.

Every step, every path, has led me here. To you. And for women and our collective future.

Even if FSW didn’t exist, this would be a key way I’d show up in the world.

I’d also spend each day ogling over my dogs. And finding one more thing to put herbs in while I cook. And daydreaming about my garden…

Quick Trivia

My products and services aren’t here to make me a gajillionaire.

They’re for you to find the path that is yours, using strengths no one else has, to create a ripple effect of wisdom and soul-full change. Be the unicorn, my friend… It’s time!

  • My Enduring Hope is for Others’ Expansion
  • Knowing Making an Impact is All About Action
  • The WWC is Like Having Pride 365 Days a Year
  • My Tolerance for the Patriarchy or That BS
  • The Blueprint Program is My Favorite

Virginia is, straight up, very good people. She is warm, empathetic, engaging, and effective.

By effective, I mean that she is a fierce advocate for the social work profession, for women, and for equality in our society generally.

My professional network is stronger simply because Virginia is a part of it. I have no doubt many others would say the same (she’s a great networker). Virginia is super groovy, and I recommend her in just about any way it’s possible to do so.

To Recap...

I’m a sucker for the sea, a calming forest, puns, books, creativity, and more. My favorite beverages are chai or a green tea latte. I could eat roasted veggie salads every day until my soul launches and I can’t stand to wear the color pink. And I’m Team Dog.

And why is this relevant?

Because we’re more than our job titles, fellow wise women.

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