Your Soul’s Found Our Soul-Full Shit.




What you find with FSW:

An intuitive space that’s held for you and all your pieces.

The part of you that’s Type A, an Old Soul, the one who says, “Fuck,” and the dreamer of a better world.

I fully believe you’re here to do your soul’s work and find out more about what that could be.

Use any of the offers below to begin.

Free Gifts

The Freebie

Your Cosmos Guide

Whether you want to start a business or make an impact in that way, this resource will help you receive guidance from the Cosmos and begin to…

The Podcast

The Zone of Purpose™ Podcast

Let’s get you closer to aligning with your soul’s purpose so we can bring it to life in the work you do and shift it into a business if that’s what you’d like to do! It’s time to…

The Blog

Stories and Shenanigans

You are the sage of your life and we’re here to help your light shine brighter. Honestly, we don’t like “secret sauce” stories, because you are the secret sauce! When…

The Workshops

How We Show Up and Guide

Tune in to these recording to get some insight on how you can begin to lead your life anew with truth-telling, authenticity to yourself, and creating…

Digital Downloads and Books for Under $40

The Soul Seeds Guide

What if you could take all of your ideas and build a focused, supported vision?

It’s time to root into your soul and go on a journey. You have an incredible amount of wisdom and experiences behind you. Yet, what happens when…

An Ancient Revival

It’s sapphic. It’s queer. And it’s here. As a fantasy novel.

Evie McGee’s always had this whisper inside but tried to ignore it to live a “responsible life.” But soon fate comes for her, and she has to determine if she’s ready for the past to show up at…

Tapping Into Your Wisdom

Your expansion is waiting for you and within these covers, you’ll find your wisdom.

Each page has a quote on it, which will help you unravel overthinking and allow you to focus on one thing in the moment: you. After each prompt, you will see…

Courses and Services for Under $100

A Course

Be Your Own Boss with Clarity and Insight

If you’re considering being your own boss or launching your own business, this is the bite-sized course for you. It’s on the tail end of the Zone of Purpose™ Blueprint, but we wanted to give you access à la carte style! Within a weekend, you could have…

A Community

The Wise Woman Community: LGBTQ+

The WWC is for soul-driven LGBTQ+ women like you who want to operate from the heart instead of the hustle. This membership community is supportive, chill, and a space where you don’t have to explain yourself or be limited by a mold you don’t fit in…

A Course

Making Peace with Perfectionism

Let’s help you make peace with perfectionism so you can move forward in your goals and dreams. You deserve to see yourself (and love yourself) outside expectations, self-loathing, and hedging, so you can lean forward with your potential with this tool…

Programs Where Soul-Shit Gets Real and Life-Changing

A Program with Content Only or More Support

The Zone of Purpose Blueprint

Tired by the toxic rat race and you’re feeling your magic wants to bust free, but you’re looking at your resume and going, “WTF do I do with this?” You can feel it’s time to craft your own path and bring your purpose to life, to heal this world. And if you have to spend another day spending your precious energy on someone else’s mission…

One-to-One Support

The Soul-Full Business Flow

Are you repulsed by the toxic hustle culture that business builders are taught about? What if you could take all of your ideas and unicorn magic, and build your vision with cohesion, less bro-culture, and more wise woman? This monthly membership and one-to-one support is here for you to balance your soul, intuition, and aligned actions so you can…