What if you could take all of your ideas and build a focused, supported vision?

You have an incredible amount of wisdom and experiences behind you.

Yet, what happens when you’re ready to make a shift, and plan for your next steps, but you’re confused AF?

The Soul Seeds™ Guide offers you the chance to merge your intuition, intellect, and independence, in one or two sittings.

And from it, you’ll gain clarity, alignment, and focus to craft a rooted business (or life) with soul!

Client Love:

“I…love that meditation to pieces and it was a soul-full way to sit with myself and open up exploring what my business could look like if I trusted myself…”

Thank you to those who purchased the SSG while it was on sale during its launch week!
The price is now set.

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Author. CEO. LGBT+.

Virginia James

I’m a writer and storyteller at heart. I also serve this world and women, hoping that we can craft a new one with healing and wisdom.

When a woman asked me for advice, specifically about waiting on her heart’s desires and how she was seeking alignment, what became a thought became a video, which in turn became a meditation… You get the idea.

This Soul Seeds Guide has been crafted to merge your intuition, intellect, and independence, my fellow wise women, in a whole new way.

It’s time to align with your calling, so you can begin to share your gifts with the world from your soul!

What Else Have We Soul-Fully Shared?

fantasy books and grounding guides crafted

words written on hundreds of pages

times I've been blissed out in creativity and soul

Other Books & Guides

An Ancient Revival

A Sapphic Queer Fantasy Novel

Freedom. Queerdom. Magic.

Evie McGee’s always had this whisper inside but tried to ignore it to live a “responsible life.” But soon fate comes for her, and she has to determine if she’s ready for the past to show up at her honest-to-goddess doorstep and if she’ll follow. Will she remember her life outside the world she knows? Does she want to accept her rainbow heart? And can she be convinced that her place in the puzzle matters?

An Ancient Revival reminds us that weaving our past, present, and future, gives us a chance to not only become who we long to be… But in recreating ourselves, we can revive our very essence, and we can bring forth our ancientness.

Building Confidence From Your Wisdom

What you get in this 80-prompt journal is an opportunity to sit and spend time on yourself and your own development. Your expansion is waiting for you and within these covers, you’ll find your wisdom, your voice, your words, and your will.

Every page has a quote on it! This can help you unravel overthinking and allow you to focus on one thing in that moment: you.

After each quote, you will see a prompt from me. It’s there to guide you towards living your life in a complete way and a soul-full way. Take your reflections, as they come, and begin to love yourself in a more freeing, joyful, and confident, way!

Coming in 2024!

We couldn’t stop at one. The journey continues!

When An Ancient Revival ended, the sequel to Evie’s journey started to fall out of my soul within days. She just couldn’t be forgotten about!

Circle back before the end of the year for the next book in the Revival series!

Until then, if you haven’t read the first book, grab your copy today! Click the green button above for your ebook or paperback!

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