And are you repulsed by the toxic hustle culture that business builders are taught about?

I am, too. That’s why I offer less bro-culture and more wise woman vibes around here.

What if you could take all of your ideas, find your common threads, and build your vision with cohesion?

I’m here to balance your soul, intuition, and aligned actions, to help you craft a business path that feels less like bro-culture and more like you. One that can boost your confidence, help you stay grounded during your pivots, and support your future with expansive purpose and fulfillment.

Business plans and traditional paths can feel stuffy, or like they’re boxing us in, but we can use them to feel aligned in our vision and action steps.

At least, when we do it with soul. 

For those of us who see the toxic and traditional modes of operation in business and entrepreneurship, we may avoid this step. Or we might push it down the to-do list. Let’s be honest about what we’ve witnessed:

  • Seeing the “traditional” way of doing business and feeling a little ill on the inside
  • Not wanting to play the games because we’re unicorns
  • And getting dismissed because we are unicorns or those who break out of the mold
But don’t dismiss your gifts and the soul-full service you want to bring to the world. I’m not.

Please note that this space caps at 22 women so I can hold the sacred container of this work properly. But there’s a waitlist, don’t worry!

Here’s how the Soul-Full Business Flow differs:

Less toxicity, more wisdom.

Reduce your loneliness on a month-to-month membership basis

When we work together, you are not a solopreneur: you’re a soul sister. And I approach this on a month-to-month basis so you can root into what you need to do and keep moving forward.

Your work means something to this world, so count me in to hold space for it!

You and your business plan have a soul-full support system

Business planning can feel daunting. The who, what, when, and how, feel overwhelming, especially in the beginning! And the how… I’ve been there!

That’s why I hold space for you, like an advisor or guide, to show up from your wisdom with soul and steps!

You’ll have a space to craft alignment, vision, and offers

I come with four set areas of guidance, where I shine and thrive. Let’s help your soul-full mission flourish in a sacred way that works for you!

Bring to this space your ideas, and as you draft and craft your unicorn path, you’ll draw on your own unique journeys, gifts, and experiences!

My role is to be an advisor and sacred space holder to help you craft and root into your soul-full business flow.

I specifically hold space in the following four areas:

Your Soul's Vision and Mission

You bring the ideas and I can offer our wisdom about common threads I might see and where I feel you shine!

Your vision and mission is your own, but I’m here to help you show up with authenticity and clarity.

Championing Your Clientele

The folks that you want to work with deserve a chance to grow and heal from your wisdom and soul-full gifts.

Share in this space your ideal clients, and why, so I can focus in on who you can serve, from the unique gifts you embody.

Your Unicorn Offers

I believe that you are a goddamn unicorn and that you can’t be boxed in. Your wisdom is too important.

When you’re a smidge frazzled about what to offer, to whom, and so on, I hold space for that and your ah-ha moments!


Holding Sacred Space for You

Being a soul-full being in this hectic world can feel hard AF, unless we have our champions and community.

That’s why I’m here to hold a sacred container for you to craft and create your soul-full business flow.

Now let's go over what I don't offer wisdom in:

While some of the particular details of “business plans” have aspects of financial capital, revenue projects, project management, etc.:

  • I do not help you price things out down to the dollar or teach you about lead generation methods
  • I won’t do financial projects or revenue-based discussions to help you go get a business loan or pitch to a board room or committee
  • To be honest, I’ve never applied for any funding opportunities in the lifetime of this business, done venture capital networking, or schmoozed with billionaires (that I know of). I’ve bootstrapped this business and that was my choice. You can do it differently and that’s fine, but I will not offer wisdom on that.

And why don’t I do this?

Because I’m a space holder, vision keeper, and wise in the areas of expressing authentic truth in alignment with who you are at your core. I tend to see patterns, connect dots, and support women and folks, as they journey forward.

I’m not a financial planner (beyond my own budgeting measures), nor do I believe in the hustle(r) method. Use the referrals I share, because I trust them, for your steps in revenue building, offer(s) and launches (in terms of pricing and how to develop leads and the infrastructure around them), and more.

I believe a rising tide lifts all boats, so if there’s a better wisdom keeper out there on revenue building, leads, and prospects, I’m happy for you to work with them, too! I’m about community not competition here at FSW.

What are women saying about crafting and creating their soul-full businesses in this space?

Working with Virginia has been incredibly uplifting and inspiring and so different from the rat race and hustle I am used to! The ideas that I have taken form and blossom with her influence and help. Furthermore, I feel that I can express myself, my desires and goals and any and all of my ideas in a safe and affirming environment.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her soulful advice as I get my new business off the ground!

Her vision of supporting women to be their own boss goes beyond the simple “just be an entrepreneur.”

Her primary focus is to support women to stand in their agency, alignment, and autonomy, no matter what it looks like in their different seasons. She trusts in women’s ability to carve their path. In addition to being a fully present listener, she has a magical way to plant seeds to encourage women to explore what she feels they need to.

She is a brave space holder and understands that our timetable may look different but once we’re ready to take a leap or make a pivot happen, she jumps right back in to brainstorm and brings new ideas to the table.

Where else has FSW been featured?

Here Is the Recap of What  Awaits You:

Clarifying Your Mission and Vision

When some of us hear “business plan,” we hit the snooze button or we think of the gajillionaires out there who made it happen overnight. (Pro-tip: they usually don’t.) But what if you crafted it from your interests, evolution, and who you are in your soul?

Your mission doesn’t have to be boxed in or cookie-cutter. Oh no, my friend. Let’s hold space for the unicorn vibes that are unique to you!

Breaking Down Who Your Ideal Customer(s) Are

Yep, I just did that. Sometimes it’s hard to niche down and we believe in intersectionality here at FSW.

So, if you’re struggling to narrow in on your ideal clientele, I’m here for it! Because your clientele are folks who shift and grow, too.

Bring to the table who you align with, to start and see where your wisdom goes from there!

Crafting Your Offers, Plus Other Resources

By now you might’ve noticed I’m about vision and organization.

From this joyful excavating, you’ll begin to recognize what offers are aligned with you and your journey. While you do this, the goal is for you to remember you’re capable and worthy of abundance, even when you’re launching something new. And, yes, you’ll be organizing your ideas and processes along the way!

Being Held in a Sacred and Safe Space

Building a business can feel lonely. That’s why you’ve got this space from someone who’s shifted from the hustle to the soul-full. You’ll have the support, and advisory presence, that you need from someone who gets all the magic and wisdom that you are.

And from this safe space, we’ll cover and tap into your organizational prowess to envision your soul-full business with aligned action steps.

It’s time to truly embody your deepest gifts and share them with the world. And it’s a world that needs them.

Embody and picture this. You’re doing your business with soul, alignment, and purpose:

Curious to know more about me?

I’m Virginia and the CEO/Founder of Feminine Sage Wisdom. FSW launched online in 2020 (yep, right before the pandemic) and it’s been an organic, heart-opening ride since!

This FSW path has been about finding the balance of the “divine masculine” and the “divine feminine” and, almost more importantly, the space in-between that embraces both. Without the hustle.

This soul-full space is the next journey for FSW. I originally thought to push this a few years out, but then a near and dear asked, “Why wait?”

Why wait, indeed.

Welcome, fellow wise woman! Let’s see what alignment and soul-full business sings to you! Or how you’ll answer it’s calling!

Have more questions? Let’s go over them…

I will only need your advice and wisdom for a handful of months. Am I locked into it for a year?

This container of space and time together is a membership and on a month-to-month basis. That means you get to bring your wisdom to the table, to this space, as often as you want to. You decide whether you want a month, a few months, or even a year or more, of time with us.

Also, please know that we don’t want anyone to feel obligated around here. You’ll know if you need to step away for a bit for financial or scheduling reasons and whatnot.

Can I get a refund if I want?

As this is a monthly membership space, you’re able to come and go as you please, as long as you’re in good standing with us.

That being said, there are no refunds, because this is a virtual space with resources. But you can cancel your membership any time!

What if I don't ever want to start a business and want to work for others? Can I still learn from you about this subject?

Unfortunately, this space is for women who are deeply committed and are ready to plan a business out, or already fresh on the business path.

If you’re never going to give it a try, there’s probably a better fit out there for you for support and guidance. But check out our other products to make sure!

Do I have to buy other FSW products or services?

No pressure whatsoever!

Now, we will say that if you want to have more foundational wisdom and curriculum to bring your purpose to life before branching out into your own business, the Zone of Purpose Blueprint could be helpful there! But, it’s not a must-do.

Another option is if you identify as an LGBTQ+ woman and want a place to continue to chill and be supported, the Wise Woman Community (WWC) is for leaders and founders with soul.

Any other questions?

Contact us at