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Ditching Toxic Positivity

In Ditching Toxic Positivity: Calling Things What They Are to Enhance Your Career and Life, the goal was to learn together where we might fall into the trap of toxic positivity and how to reframe patterns and environments to become truth-tellers.

We covered in the workshop:

  • Unpacking Toxic Positivity with Others or the Environment We’re In
  • Unpacking it Within Ourselves
  • The Bonus to Living a Life of Truth-Telling
  • Using Our Wisdom and Evolution to Discern Stepping Forward in Life from Our Knowing and Truth(s) vs. Societal Expectations

Tune in to the recording to get some insight on how you can shift into leading your life anew with truth-telling, authenticity to yourself, and creating a new path moving forward.

Less Work, More Wisdom

In Less Work, More Wisdom: How to Take Your First Step Towards Fulfilling Work That Changes the World (and You), the goal was to learn together why we need to dial back to make an impact!

Three steps covered in the workshop was:

  • Moving beyond job titles and org. charts (I know, controversial…)
  • Unpack comfort zones and burnout
  • Leave with strategies to create space for our wholeness and expansion moving forward

Tune in to the recording to get some insight on how you can dial back to start to make an impact.

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