Would You Like to Learn More About How I Guide and Teach?

In 2022 we shared our journey and expertise in the workshop: 

Less Work, More Wisdom: How to Take Your First Step Towards Fulfilling Work
That Changes the World (and You).

Tune in to the video below to see how I operate and how I hold space for the women that I work and connect with:

Outside of free outreach and a standard workshop, The Zone of Purpose Blueprint is definitely deeper and more expansive. 

If you’re a Millennial woman who’s ready to transition out of soul-sucking work towards work-life balance,
hit up The ZPB’s program page by clicking here.

We’ve got impacts to make and your uniqueness and wisdom is needed in this world!

As I said in the video, there’s a whole bunch of resources you can check out, now that you know a little bit more about me: