Unpack to Impact: What Can You Let Go of This Week to Begin to Pave Your New Path?

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Aligned Actions and Practices

Hey, women and womxn! We’re beginning a new week and I’ll tell you, there’s some excitement in the air right now!

FSW’s going to its next level. First, a masterclass will be the champagne-popping equivalent of starting the summer off with a bang! Second, the FSW program is launching next month! That’ll be like a truckload of champagne showing up at your doorstep (and you can stay in your yoga pants and don’t have to leave your place).

In more seriousness, though, with the launches of both, there are all sorts of Imposter Syndrome going on, fear of failure, uncertainty about what the future holds… You name it, I’ve felt it for weeks! Yep, you get transparency here at FSW.

I’ve realized that I’m at a crossroads moment: where I need to unpack some things and that’s what this week’s post is all about. Now, it’s easier to be at the masterclass (happening tomorrow) to get more context, but let’s dive in anyway.

Unpack to Impact? What Does that Mean?

For a while now, you’ll notice that I’ve talked about holistic balance and homeostasis. It’s because I’ve had many times of not having that, which affected all aspects of my life. When making this business venture my full-time gig vs. a “job job,” it’s like I had this odd combination of balance (because I was my own boss with my own demands) and feeling out of sorts (because this role is new).

So, as each project has moved forward, it’s like I carry a new weight on my shoulders or a new decision to make: yes, launch this, or no, hang cozy.

As you can imagine, we all have this repeatable moment of deciding to realign with our greatest strengths. This takes unpacking the angst of stepping out of our comfort zone and moving into a zone where our impact can be more extensive.

It’s definitely not easy to do sometimes, but the prospective reward can be life-altering for you and for others.

Tip 1: Looking at Our Fears with Honesty is Critical

I’ve always been the type to jump in with both feet, or cannonball, when making changes. No 5-point swan dive for me, but that’s only after I work with my fears. See that I’m not saying, “get past my fears…”

Fears come and go; they can repeat themselves, or they can disappear until they reappear in a very untimely way. What’s even harder is when we have the comparison game going on—which I’ve written about before, so you can check it out here. When we have fears + comparisons, ugh, making a huge change can feel so daunting. That’s why there’s a bonus to taking life and the work we do one step at a time.

It’s maybe not a sexy way of living, especially when we compare ourselves to those who seem to make decisions, become a gazillionaire, and are an “overnight success.” Or, so we think…

Tip 2: Each Thing You Unpack Can Create Space for Impact

I’ll be the first to tell you that this business journey was not an overnight success and I’m not a gazillionaire. But I can say that I’ve had to work with the following, to make a bigger impact:

  • Fear of change
  • Fear of failure
  • Accepting I am not in a 9-5 anymore
  • Being very honest about my goals from today forward
  • Realizing that I can’t hold back sharing my experiences even if they’re not great, because my story might help someone grow
  • Sleep, food, and less stress, will help me function better these days vs. ignoring these (…and so much more)

Many moons ago, I talked about unloading the imagined rocks we have in our proverbial backpacks, especially the heavy, dense ones. Picture your pack and visualize each rock that weighs you down now—some you can’t control, but some you can…

So, let’s start to let go of the ones that bog you down and get in the way of you making the impact you’d like to make. Make a new path, stack them for a meditation garden ornament, whatever you’d like! And I’ll help you do it, my friends!

That’s it for this week! If you’re looking for more direct updates on the FSW world and want a more direct connection, check out the FSW Circle. Want more independent research? Hit up the FSW Quiz. And if you have any questions or comments, leave them below or contact me 1:1 this way. Chat with you soon!