Remember When I Lost $1,000 Worth of Library Books and Got Slammed with the Lesson of Mindfulness? The Saga Continues!

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Wisdom Over Toxicity

Hello, Fellow Women! As the title implies, a few months ago my box of library books busted open en route to my university library. If you’d like to check out that story again, hit up the link. This is a shorter piece that goes over a four-letter word that can be incredibly powerful. And, no, it’s not even a swear word! I know, shocked, right?

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What Happened Again?

When I got that email from library staff, my stomach dropped into my toes. While I might have hundreds of dollars worth of books on my bookshelves from over the years, to be transparent, the very thought of losing $1,000 worth of them was atrocious. Books are a love of mine and I cherish what they hold, don’t highlight or write in them, and they bring me joy by simply holding them. So, it’s ironic that something I love so dearly went MIA.

To recap, a few minutes of mummifying my box of books in packing tape would’ve avoided this conundrum… So, here’s the update on the Library Book Saga!

Getting Books Back is Like Winning the Lottery

The USPS found most of them and 90% of the books have been returned within the last couple of months. This ordeal has been going on since July, people… Some went to a facility in Atlanta—like a USPS Lost and Found, I guess–but there are still two out there.

The total fee for losing two: $180-ish.

Now, this is much, much better than coming to terms with $1,000 or more. But here’s a lesson (other than mindfully taping boxes and taking time to do that) that I want to share with you.

Revisiting the Narrative We Carry and the Actions We Take

Let’s revisit when we use terms like “only” when we sell our products or talk about consumer prices these days.

For some, “only” $180 is groceries for a week (or days, with this economy). Honestly, even when I see this number my stomach does a flutter, for various reasons. And this is why we need to remember how we talk about finances and others’ situations.

To be real, I did up my price for my program and offer payment options, because some women need that. And I’ll be offering discounts over the next few months, but you won’t see me use “only” as a matter of integrity because my only and your only are different. Your only is different than others’, and so on.

So, the takeaway for this week is to check yourself, in the language you use for yourself and the actions you take. How so? Here are some examples:

  • This project only needs one more detail to be perfect (there is no perfect).
  • I’ll only put off working out for one more day because I don’t have time (but your body needs movement).
  • Look at this! It’s only $600 (but that $600 is for rent money…and what’s meant for you will come back to you)!

Again, I’m not perfect… Clearly, I screwed up with the box of books and I own it. So, as you go forward in your week, pay attention to your thoughts, your choices, and where you put your time, energy, and money, because it all matters in the long game.

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