Are You Helicopter Parenting Yourself? Tune Into These 3 Tips!

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Wisdom Over Toxicity

Dear Wise Woman:

In a women’s circle, we started talking about helicopter parenting. We talked kiddos, beings, and babies, but then recognized a unique question.

Do we helicopter parent ourselves, even as adults?

I do it sometimes, I’ll own it. It depends on what’s going on, stress levels, and pivots that need doing.

The Weekly Wisdom video breaks this down further, but I’ve got a question:

Are you helicoptering yourself? Be honest…👇🏻

This post is about trying to let go. Let’s get into how:

  • Recognize what high-pressure conditioning are you living out
  • Be honest: do you allow yourself to really breathe, especially when spinning your wheels or on the go? Work on that more by…
  • Think of one ritual, ceremony, or activity, that’s simple to do and that’ll help you helicopter-parent yourself less

Let’s Recap:

Some of us, which includes yours truly, helicopter parent worse in times of uncertainty. Or we want to have our ducks in a row and try to control aspects that might feel chaotic in a situation or dynamic.

But then we’re not breathing as deeply.

Or we’re not listening to ourselves or others as effectively.

And then we tucker ourselves out trying to gather what feels like an emotional flock of chickens that don’t want to “play nice.” They scatter, you scatter.

Here’s the prompt for today: how can you be more gentle with yourself and let things flow? Especially when you’re going through a transition that’s either unexpected or expected.

Take the time to really sit back and discern: do I need to control this thing or is it out of my control? Do I need to spend a frick ton of energy on it when the outcome is uncertain? Or another barometer: how does this situation help my soul expand, especially when I let the Cosmos take over for a bit?

If you’d like help on “choppering less,” you know where to find me and I know you can do it. 🦄

If you’re ready to bring your purpose to life, get started with the (free) Cosmos Guide and you can always go up from there.

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