When You Lose Something or Someone It Can Help You Recognize Your Legacy

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

Hey, fellow professional women and womxn – it’s a new week. I’ve been reflecting lately on legacy, and having meaning in life, because of two recent events, which I’m finally up for sharing about.

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The first is that my eldest dog has been struggling again and she’s basically a soul sister to me. She’s seen the highs and lows in my life for over thirteen years and she’s a joy to everyone. And she knows it, too. The second event’s been the passing of my grandfather. And what’s kind of a WTH moment is that the two situations happened within a day of each other; they both went downhill quickly.

What I tend to do in moments of stress are two patterns: I try to control as much as I can and I work, work, work. Well, caretaking Lizzie’s meant that’s occurred about 50% of the time and while she’s still here, the caretaking isn’t over yet. And when it came time to Grandpa’s passing, it just felt surreal… As if the last three years hasn’t taught us all about mortality, it’s like we get these refreshers, you know? My family and I remember the quirks he had, and we were toasting him over the weekend while listening to jazz music (his favorite).

Live In Your Legacy and Don’t Look Back

So, the big ol’ lesson I’ve learned: work on articulating your legacy and live from that. I mean it, 100%.

Now, yes, it may take some resources—like time, energy, and money. Yet, that’s the beauty of being in this “middle age” or “mid-career zone…” We get better and better at knowing what we want, how we want it, and when we want it. And more importantly, why we want it. It’s not like you need my permission to go do this, but if you need a buddy system, I’m here for you.

But What Can I Even Do?

This type of conversation always moves me, because there’s so many of us—and I did it, too—that hold back because we’re friggin’ scared. Maybe we have no idea how to do what we dream of… Truth is, I have an entire section in my program about this, but I’ll share with you a few tips regardless:

  1. Follow your joys
  2. See your highs and lows as assets, because you’ve lived them
  3. Be a witness to what your years ahead can look like vs. a perfectionist
  4. Finally, it’s alright if you want to make a vocational impact or a non-vocational impact. You do you.

Some folks may say, “Why???” But be the one who responds, “Why not???” In this plane of existence, we’re humans to have experiences and to grow and expand. So, marinate on what sings to you and start to take baby steps towards that every day. You’ll find it…

Though, if you want an entire seven-week blueprint to help you get to this point, click here to see what it looks like and definitely ask any questions you come up with!

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