How Do You Show Up for Your Business as the Rare One or Old Soul?

by | Jul 4, 2024 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

Dear Wise Woman:

Welcome to FSW, my friend, where hustling takes a seat and your soul’s magic rises!

Today we’re talking about being the rare one, or Old Soul, in business and life.

For context, I’m an INFJ, one of the rarest personality types. Go figure! If you research this ‘type’ of being or showing up in the world, it can be challenging to:

  • Live as an Old Soul in this hectic, stimulated world (and for many, not just INFJs)
  • Find quiet or peace in the rat race of work or where we reside
  • And express truths when don’t want to hear them (and so much more)

And to be honest, it can be hard for me to communicate and do business, regardless if it’s about how I say what I do or how I operate. I just sense or feel so damn much! 🙂

So, let’s chat about ways I’ve learned how to navigate business as an Old Soul-INFJ in case it helps you! ⤵️

Here are the tips or suggestions:

  • Craft a sacred space if you can, or a location or structure that feels sacred for your unique way of being
  • When you read the room, in person or virtually, you get to decide how you lean in
  • We have to determine how much truth-telling we do, as a part of this world and as a business owner

Let’s Wrap This Wisdom Up:

Reflection time: what are your biggest struggles in business, or building one, as an Old Soul or intuitive being?

Is it communicating who you are or what you’re here to do? Are you struggling with the overwhelm because you feel everything and that this world needs changing? Not sure how to do it?

Let’s balance your soul, intuition, and aligned actions, to bring your purpose to life with all its layers.

You’re not alone on the journey and it’s time hustling took a seat so your soul’s magic can rise, fellow unicorn.🦄

If you’re ready to bring your purpose to life, get started with the (free) Cosmos Guide and you can always go up from there.

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