Holding Ourselves Accountable with Our Soul’s Wisdom. Let’s Talk Schedules and Alignment.

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

Dear Wise Woman:

I don’t mind being transparent: client work is not only me being the guide, but what clients teach me!

I was doing a 1:1 and we were talking about quality over quantity, which just reinforced the shift I was already thinking about for FSW. Go figure!

We’re typically taught about scheduling with the following:

  • Prioritization
  • 20-minute time slots
  • Checklists
  • Checking our bandwidth and doing easier things, etc.

But… What about scheduling with your soul?

I’m sorry. What’s that about? ⤵️

In today’s video we’re talking about scheduling with your soul’s wisdom:

  • Your alignment is specific and unique to you
  • Do business with soul, as often as you can, and ask your soul how to do your schedule
  • If you work for someone else, find out what their demands are and your demands for your ultimate well-being

Let’s Wrap This Wisdom Up:

It’s time for you to feel nourished and transformed as you craft your business, fellow wise women. And, me, too!

Think about soul scheduling as you go about the next week or so. Can you do it with moon cycles? Astrology? Ancient wisdom that you adore learning about?

And if you want help with crafting a better, more rooted soul schedule, you know where to find me! You’re not alone on the journey and it’s time hustling took a seat so your soul’s magic can rise, fellow unicorn.🦄

If you’re ready to bring your purpose to life, get started with the (free) Cosmos Guide and you can always go up from there.

Love this post and video? Share it with fellow wise women and buddies who’ll get it or need this wisdom! If you want us to do a video or blog about a question you have, leave us a comment below. If we can answer it, to the best of our ability, we’ll give it a go!

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