Silence & Stillness: 2 Medicines to Feel Whole

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

Hey, y’all ~ how are you today?

This past week I was pondering human needs, including the need or feeling of control. Gosh, who doesn’t want to be in control?

When things and events in life feel so out of balance it’s “easier” to grab the remote, the drink, social media, or any other distraction. Depending on your culture or background these may feel natural. It’s what we learn, or habitually reach towards, in this society.

Two things I have been “forcing” myself to do lately is carving time out of the day to have balance. Y’all, I haven’t done it perfectly. Some months or years I do a pretty poor job of it. But I can guarantee the necessity of it because I know what it feels like when out-of-balance.

I tried to find it in others, jobs, events, etc. But here’s the clincher:

Nobody can help us balance. They can’t help us expand ourselves – only we can expand ourselves.

Inner Wisdom doesn’t involve past relationships, old habits that don’t really serve us, or the 4th-grade teacher that made us feel like shit. You don’t need another 40-item task list to be “perfect…”

You don’t need me, or others, to be whole, Womxn.

I’ll repeat. You don’t need me, or others, to be whole.

You are whole – it’s already there. She’s there. God’s there. The Universe is there. Your Soul is there. Thus, You’re there.

What’s neat about choosing to be still and quiet for a bit is it can help you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually, whole.

Are you ready to feel whole?

So many have tried to keep us in pieces…in patterns of behavior and thoughts. Even our (human aspect) selves. But it’s time to step out of that rat race.

Today’s memo is a little blunt, but it’s blunt out of Absolute Love and a frick ton of experience being busy, noisy, and scattered.

And for Pete’s sake, if 2020 hasn’t taught us something it’s this:

  • So much is out of our control when systems or others are at work.
  • We have the ability, and the choice, to give ourselves five minutes of silence and stillness in various ways.

Five minutes can be very powerful. It can be that reboot. To learn more about what I’ll call “Progress in Five,” go check out this chat between Marie Forleo and Rangan Chatterjee. It’s fascinating how we can rework portions of our lives in five minutes, a.k.a. 300 seconds.

Friends, what if in about 300 seconds you felt more whole? Grounded? Peaceful? It’s not selfish to be at peace; quite the contrary.

If we’re at peace, even for a few minutes, we can make better decisions, be more present in our meetings and in our family chats. We can have an epiphany that shifts our lives. Who knows.

Stillness and Silence are two medicines that help you let the outward noise go, so you can be present with your Self, your peace, your moment.

“But, Virginia, I can’t silence my anxious thoughts. I can’t get away from my beautiful (albeit, screaming) kids, and I don’t have time to sit still when there are 400 things to do. I’m out of a job, because of COVID, and my dog won’t shut up every time someone breathes outside. I just can’t do it.”

Humor me: Take this one week, seven days, and provide your wonderful Being with seconds or minutes of stillness and silence.

   Silence (through making your environment and mental headspace quieter – as best as you possibly can)
+ Stillness (through stilling your physical body and finding one teeny space that is not moving and noisy)

= Space for peace, nourishment, and connection with your Self. Your Whole Self. That which is You.

Give yourself these two types of “medicine” with 100% permission. The good news is that they are free and ready for you to hold on to. Even if you don’t feel like the Dalai Lama right off the bat, you might feel more comfortable. Less ragged. Maybe less “all over the place.” More balanced and ready to adapt to Life.

Let me know in the comments below – is it hard for you to take that time for yourself? Be honest, it’s cool. Is it hard to “silence your mind” and watch thoughts come and go without judgment? Do you feel like you have to force meditation or mindfulness? I’m curious, 1) So, I can help you work through what’s going on. 2) To be a better connector to what your situation is. The beauty of 7 billion people, roughly half of which are womxn, is that there are 3.5 billion stories and differences, and a lot of similarities. If you’d rather share in private, contact me and we’ll get to that commitment of seconds or minutes for yourself. Because, frankly, you deserve it. You deserve yourself whole and present, Friends.