Jumping from One Huge Project to Another: Why Can’t We Stop for Five and Have Some Peace?

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

We’re diving in today women and womxn…….after a five minute breather.

Honestly, we could all use one. It helps raise our awareness and gives us a chance to “just be” before moving on in life.

I know we all have goals and want to get from A to B as soon as possible. We’re ambitious, have a ton of experience, and after doing year by year of our work, we’d like to think we’re getting somewhere. Oh, and we have other roles with friends, family, the world… It can definitely feel overwhelming, even when we’re positively influenced by having things or people in our lives.

But how do we keep growing and expanding our work and find two seconds to celebrate what we accomplish?

Meeting Demands While We Expand and Grow

You know the phrase: “Life’s a journey, not a destination.”

So, why, while journeying, do we keep stacking up projects all the time? I’m guilty of it for sure. Now, sometimes things just need doing—like a second M.A. project or keeping other beings alive like pets and children (or even a houseplant). Still, let me share a little example with you to explain why I wanted to write about this today.

Long story short, I’m in my third graduate school experience, my second Master’s program; I got my MSW in 2010. Either way, I still have fears, perfectionism, and emotions that come with any and all school experiences.

So, within minutes of sending an over-40-page document for review, I didn’t even pause. I left my office, started getting on the dog about being crazy in the dining room, and began to make the mental checklist of the next thing to do…planning dinner…thinking about painting my bookshelf…writing this post. You and I both know, we have lists of things to get done.

Checklists are awesome and we can get a lot done with them. But what’s missing in the checklist is the joy, the heart, the relief, and the peace, after we’ve been a badass.

Let me repeat that just in case: We, you and I, really, truly need to take time to pause, be peaceful, and be joyous about what we do whether it’s big or small.

New Idea: Take Five for Peace After Every Task Gets Done

Yep, five minutes, that’s all, but after every task gets done. I’m going to try it myself, even if it needs to get written into my planner.

Why should we do this, fellow women and womxn?

  1. It helps creativity, engagement, your health, and so much more, even in a workplace setting. Read up on that by clicking here.
  2. You can find moments of mindfulness to help with your health. Check out why here.
  3. And you can even take a break when you work from home, like yours truly. If you or a friend are working from home, or “WFH” — which always makes my eyeballs see a different acronym — read more here.

Now, if you work for an organization or entity, obviously make sure you can take some time. I’ll admit to the privilege of being my own boss, but this boss knows that if breaks aren’t forced burnout happens.

But What About My Responsibilities?

What I’ve learned over the years is that I can focus better under pressure or with deadlines, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s a good thing. Working on this project has meant that other things got pushed aside with work and home, but there were some bonuses, too:

  • Learning how to delegate better
  • Keeping boundaries
  • Cutting to the chase, in words and actions
  • Simplifying life even more
  • Living with less

When we think about chilling a second and allowing space for peace after finishing small and large things, what comes up for you? How do you see yourself taking a breather?

More importantly, what do you think you could accomplish next after giving yourself that peace and that acknowledgment of getting something done you’ve worked on?

This isn’t rocket science, but I’ve been very stubborn about chilling out myself, so I don’t want you to make the same “mistake” that I’ve done over the years. It took someone outside my own head yesterday, as I was yelling at the dog and rambling about more to do, to look me in the face and say what a big damn deal this was. And that it’s been a long time coming. And it’s good work.

Y’all, I didn’t really want to believe it. Call it insecurity, call it uncertainty about being good enough, but when the big breath came…That was it. It’s like a final page in a chapter turned over and the next one is blank, ready for time and attention.

That peace turned into acknowledgment. Imagine, Friends, what your own self-love and acknowledgment will do for you? More ideas, more creativity, and more you, that this world needs. So, give yourself that rest and time, because you’ve friggin’ earned it.

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