Give Yourself a Sanctuary to Destress Now: 20 Ideas

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

Hey, Womxn~ how were the last few days for you? For those that celebrate the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, how was that?

We’re sitting in the last day of November and facing a glorious, homey full moon tonight. Some may see it as a cold light, or lonely, but I tend to see a friend in the moon. It lights the way in the dark and provides comfort like a hug. It can remind us, as it shifts along its path, that we all have those times of feeling light to a deep darkness that seems rather permanent.

These journeys of light to dark, and back again, is all part of our existence and natural.

Another part of the usual course of Life is having to confront things and deal with people or circumstances that we just don’t understand. Had some of those myself last week and it felt unnerving, particularly because these people are in my Life for a reason and I can’t just say, “Bye!” to them. And in their way, they offer love–it just is shocking, unique, and quirky.

So what are we to do when facing such Life characters, drama, and tensions? No, it doesn’t involve drinking a case of wine, although, it’s the holiday season, eh?

We’re talking about finding sanctuary, whenever possible, in the times of darkness. One on hand, darkness can show us what we need to work on–our “shadows,” if you will. For sure, keep growing and expanding in your wisdom. But on the other hand, sometimes we need peace and a sanctuary however we can find it.

After the last week, I reflected on what sanctuary is and it doesn’t always have to be a temple or a spa room. A sanctuary, or feeling of safety and comfort, can be in our body, our environment, or even activities.

Here are 20 spaces of sanctuary, places of safety, or ideas to try when you’re ready.

  1. Laughter.
  2. Breath.
  3. Listening to or feeling your heartbeat.
  4. Hearing rain fall, trees blow in the wind, or watching snow if you’ve got it.
  5. Soothing music.
  6. Silence.
  7. Being still.
  8. Focusing on an interest, maybe a hobby.
  9. Journaling or expressive art.
  10. Prayer.
  11. Meditation.
  12. Awareness and observation of your surroundings.
  13. Exercise or moving the body.
  14. A creative activity like cooking, building something, etc.
  15. A warm, healthful beverage.
  16. Play.
  17. Looking at the world with a child’s eyes.
  18. Sunrise.
  19. Sunset.
  20. Stars (and the moon).

Honestly, I hope these ideas bring you some tranquility in the days ahead. Full confession: I’ve had to do half of them to be grounded lately. Holidays can be stressful times in a normal year, but this is not a normal year. It’s been one of changes – some brilliant, neutral, and earth-shaking – but you can still come to your Self, your place of Wisdom. Admittedly, I’m going to go find my sanctuary in mindful knitting tonight, with the moon’s company, to regroup after the last stressful days. No shame in recovering and taking the time.

We have plenty of options to talk about creating your sanctuary, Friends. First, if you’d like to stay connected: join the FSW Circle and get a weekly direct dose of authentic encouragement and a free mini-guide. This mini-guide will help you break down self-care ideas into concrete activities. Second, feel free to comment below on how you find your sanctuary, or how you create it. Finally, if you’d rather write privately you can contact me and we can chat about how you’re ready to create valuable boundaries to have and hold your peace. Let’s help it happen. It really is possible–we just have to get a wee bit creative sometimes. Have a beautiful week ahead and blessings, Friends.