Using Your Current Strengths to Expand Your Pivot

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Aligned Actions and Practices

New week, new memo, professional women and womxn! My program launched a week ago and it’s been pretty amazing. While there were definitely times of zero-to-low confidence, I found a way to work around it: by tapping into my current strengths. That’s what I want to share with you today!

When trying out a new skill set, or a new tool to level up, you have a few options. First, you can panic as I did. Second, you can take a deep breath and waste hours and hours of time. Or, you can panic, take a deep breath, and then apply your strengths to get you through until you change the process.

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Tip 1: Find Your Strengths in the Frustration

As I pulled together program content for my new members, I was so frustrated with video. I want a good user experience, because I know when learning something new (especially deep work surrounding your legacy and “why”), relating to the guide or coach is huge. Unless my members want some bloopers, let’s just say it wasn’t going that well. I kept stumbling on words, the camera angle was funny, I’m just petite and short, and I swear a lot…

So, after an hour of trying to record a five-minute-or-less welcome video, I realized that I could use my strengths of writing and expression for now as a welcome. A video can always be dropped later. This doesn’t mean that I won’t eventually work on this new style of communication, but at that time things were under a deadline and it was crunch time. Honestly, it was even more frustrating and stressful to try to do something that’s new vs. using a skill that’s been present for years.

Your current strengths are a gold mine, my friends. You just need to remember to use them when feeling panicked about a new project or process.

Tip 2: Use Your Current Strengths While You Build Your Skills

Another point worth mentioning is tapping into your strength while baby-stepping your experimentation and growth. As I said, a video wasn’t a fit right then and I will definitely be working on that skill of expressing myself on camera. Later, as I was loading a file for a meditation, during the first week of modules and lessons, it occurred to me to not only write out the meditation but to do an audio recording of it. While it’s not a video yet, at least my members can engage with me on a different level by hearing my voice as I share a meditation that I do in my own life.

So, notice that I went a step further than my years-long writing strengths and started to get more comfortable with different recording skills. But it didn’t have to be top-level video recording just yet.

Tip 3: Get Flexible in the Moment

That’s the last tip: when moving in a new direction or expressing yourself in a different way, you can always try something that’s in between. Do something that uses your skills, like mine in writing and expressing from the heart, while working on other skills that will help you express yourself in a different way and help you grow. The audio recording was such an expansion, without having to waste more time in frustration. And when those videos start hitting the etherwebs, you’ll know!

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