During a Crisis Get Back to Basics: 8 Ideas to Try Today

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Aligned Actions and Practices

First off, how the heck are you all doing? Making it through?

Here, we’re just diving in today, folks. There hasn’t been a memo on FSW yet this month because our life went tumbling last week. Our family had shoddy news that beat the recent move, internet problems, etc. It may be the years’ biggest setback, honestly, and I’m not challenging the Universe to come up with more ha. There’s nothing like a shocking experience to make one more present, if not feeling sluggish minute to minute… Let’s be real: the last seven days have been full of WTH moments and trying to make up yet another game plan. Things like this make delays at the bank line, the hold on a phone call, or the dog barking, seem like piddly teeny events.

But what if this event, a.k.a. mind-blowing [bleep], is exactly what was needed for the next phase and step in life? I’m open to the possibility – how do you feel about “destiny?”

It’s not been easy, quite painful, and an eye-opening experience for sure… And I didn’t want to add more pain on the etherwebs; I didn’t want to go into panic mode while you’re trying to do your best right now, too.

That being said, I know that long-term panic doesn’t get me anywhere and at some point, the show must go on. There are so many mysterious things that occur in our lives, and those of our loved ones, that we can write “lighten up” – like yours truly did last time – and then plot twist!

Sometimes that quick slide down into Panicsville happens. Then it’s critical to pull ourselves out of that, if we can, after taking the VIP tour and becoming mayor, and come back to a few things:

Be more in tune with your self-mastery, not through denial, or emotional or spiritual bypassing, but really making an effort.

Find and utilize holistic, intuitive calming activities.

Observe things more often: nature, people, the sky, sounds, etc.

And remember, friends, there are always seasons, even in temperate, or dry, tundra-like, places. And things always change and shift.

Right now it feels like we’re walking on a mountain without proper gear, water, knowledge, or even a map. Are you feeling the same? If so, how? If not, how do you regroup after an unexpected life event?

So, what are we to do? Here are 8 ideas we can all try today:

  1. Trust ourselves to see the answers in time.
  2. Find gratitude in even one thing this day.
  3. Try to eat something good for our body or drink some water.
  4. See the synchronicity in nature and other beings that “just exist.”
  5. Pray or meditate. See the mountain ahead with a path, not just as an obstacle.
  6. Laugh when you can.
  7. Look at limitations, imposed by ourselves and others, as footholds for taking the next step.
  8. Remember Yoda’s advice, from The Empire Strikes Back: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

While walking “lost,” our map and guidance can come from centering; our “gear” is even a small level of gratitude, helping us carry burdens until we can drop them. Our sustenance is self-trust, good food, and laughter, which can keep us going on this journey.

Tell me, friends, how do you feel you live life right now? Are you feeling nomadic, ready to pivot? Or do you feel like staying put, waiting for this all to “blow over,” and then want to grow where you are? I’m curious. Let me know in the comments below, or if you want to share your story privately, you can email me here. Remember through the bumps, you’re here for a purpose and you’re absolutely amazing.