Hit Submit: Don’t Stop Yourself Before You Even Pivot

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Overthinking and Procrastination

Who knew that Submit Button could be one of the most intimidating pieces of technology sometimes? I’ve had a history with Submit — it’s been freeing and freaky! But why does it seem so important, it’s just a piece of HTML or coding, right? We need to talk about it, friends, because this is about the could-change-your-life submit button that you have yet to press. Let’s dig into it and how powerful it, and you, are!

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Submitting a Proposal for a Course

A week or two ago, I submitted a proposal for a mini-course on a well-known well-being platform. It’d be a spinoff of a masterclass I provided in 2022, and would be fun to do! I haven’t heard back yet if it’s been approved or not and I’m just letting the process unfold from here.

Before I hit that submit button, you can bet that a few patterns reared their heads: perfectionism, lack of confidence, and other conditioning. It’s funny how nervous we can get or spun up within our stomachs, because of one itty bitty action step!

But as we all know: if we don’t hit that button, have that conversation, or dream up a different life path, nothing changes. It’s absolute!

A Conversation About that Submit Button

It hit me that this is an important conversation to continue so I wanted to write about it this week, here on the FSW Blog, and on LinkedIn. Through my LinkedIn profile and on the network, a dialogue continued from there, which is always fun!

Like I said in the post, if it feels right for you to:

  • Apply for the job
  • Get that apartment or house viewing set up
  • Adopt that new critter
  • Reserve that vacation spot
  • Or even go on a date…

You really have to hit that real or proverbial submit button. These wants in life still might not be a guarantee, but to try anything new and create change in our lives, we have to take this life-changing step.

“But, Virginia, what happens when I do this life-changing step and nothing changes?”

Oh, I’ve got you, friend.

You hitting that submit button is already life-changing. You could’ve said, “Nah, not for me,” but instead said, “Maybe it is.” *That* is not small taters.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of that submit button. But, more importantly, don’t underestimate the power of believing in yourself before you click. While the anxiety will be there, and nerves about the unknown, we need to remember that pivots begin with choices and actions, plus reflection.

You’ve already had your reasons lined up for “The Whys” behind your submission, so don’t delay it if it’s right for you!

And final tip: when you’ve clicked submit, just keep breathing and try to not have “buyer’s remorse” within about 17 seconds. Remember who you are, what your values are, and the future you want to walk towards.



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