Navigating Micromanagement and Knowing Your Worth: 4 Tips to Learn Today!

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

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It’s a new week, folks and we’re talking about micromanaging. Honestly, it can be hard to survive a micromanager (or MM). And it can be even harder to remember:

  1. Your worth as you work with them
  2. How to dig into it and your strengths after leaving that job
  3. And to trust yourself and another entity after that (even if you start your own gig)

Been there, done that, my friends.

This is why I wanted to bring up this topic now because I have a feeling that MM’s have been around since the dinosaurs and their controlling, stifling antics need to stop. Or, we need to stop working with them when we can.

So how do we do that? Here’s four tips to help you get through the MM dynamics!

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Tip #1: To Counter a Lack of Confidence

While in the role, I learned tech skills and on-the-job training in projects. It was sometimes challenging, especially with a learning curve, but the skills and strengths that we gain in any role can’t be traded. Experience is experience. So, try to see where you can gain new skills or upgrade your current ones, as often as you have the time, energy, and resources, to do so. It could be done for free, or perhaps supported from professional development funds, if your entity has the budget. Look to virtual circles, too! Can’t forget about those virtual events or workshops!

Tip #2: To Counter a Feeling of Overwhelm and Moving Targets

I’ll tell you what, over time, separating my work and life got a little bit better. That’s something, considering how I love to work. And by the end of my time, I was able to put a hard stop when my day was done. I communicated hourly work blocks and while that was tested sometimes, I kept working hard at eventually distancing myself from the work and the dynamics. I get that’s a privileged thing to do, but how can you dial back for your own sustainability?

Tip #3: To Counter Second Guessing Yourself During and After the Job

While I didn’t have much mental/emotional bandwidth to feel grounded in my skills and strengths, especially with moving targets and changes, I eventually had to stop second-guessing myself. It didn’t matter what management did exactly, I rolled with what I could and found small ways to set myself free via boundaries and communications. Even to this day, by habit, I might still second-guess my work, which royally bites. But then I remember that I had plenty to offer before the job, during, and after it. So do you!

Tip #4: To Counter the Feeling of Loneliness and Like No One Gets It

This tip might be the hardest to end with, but I’ll share a quick reality: there are others that are being micromanaged. Or they have, or, sadly, they will be. Until the larger working cultures of entities shift and leadership changes, there will be cookie-cutter management styles ranging from positive and supportive to jarring and micromanaging.

As I developed myself, via classes, workshops, and even free stuff off the clock, I found my strengths and interests again. It can be a drag to work for an MM, but one of the most rewarding activities I’ve done was write my resignation letter early. Try it! Then all you have to do is change the date. Another point: find a network of people who can support you, or even animals and nature that can support you and help calm you down.

Working with an MM is taxing and it’s draining. While you craft your exit plan, bolster yourself up and commit to your development however you can because you will succeed. You will find a better role and job down the road or a new opportunity. You will find yourself again.


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