I Have the Strength of a 1,000 Men: Revisiting a Truth with Grief

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

It’s the last Monday of February and I don’t even know where this month’s gone. The last three weeks, I’ve been in hosting platform Hell we’ll say and I’m glad FSW is back up and running! There’ve been other transitions, frustrations, and shifts, that have been wholly unexpected in this cusp between Winter and Spring. This entire cycle has been one big lesson in growing and I’ll admit: I don’t have many reserves in my bucket to share today. And I’m not ready to write about the grief that surfaced this weekend.

When reflecting on this latest transition, the deepest life-changer by far, an old blog post came to mind that I wrote about two years ago. It’s called, “The Power of Speaking Your Truth: 3 Tips to Get Started Today.” Click the title to check it out again. The reason I bring it up now is because I’m trying to still live in this truth, even in the midst of grief. What. A. Challenge.

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When You Only Feel Grief: Can You Still Feel Strong?

As my heart is heavy from the latest event, I remember the experience where I shared during that game that I have the “strength of 1,000 men.” Now, if we de-gender it, what I really mean is that at that moment, a truth came forward about being incredibly strong, resilient, and more. Since I started my “level up” spiritual journey throughout 2022 and into 2023, I’ve been witness to this and it’s been soul-stirring.

But right now, I don’t feel like it. Right now, I just want to stay in bed and not come out of my bedroom and grieve. But there’s you. There’s the work we’re here to do. I don’t mean superficial work like commutes and what latte we’ll get mid-morning, but the deep work. And part of this deep work is grieving, frustration, and so much more.

Your Truths Are Always There

Even since that game was played two years ago, and my truth was expressed, I’ve grown infinitely more and will as time goes on. That’s what I want to share with you as you continue to do your work here on this planet:

Your truths don’t ever go away, even in the darkest of moments. They may feel distant or like there’s this misty fog you can’t see through or feel through. Yet, they’re there.

Even this morning, I couldn’t see the stars through the thick clouds, which tend to be my guiding light before dawn. Even in this wintery PNW weather I usually see a few, but not today. I reflected that’s how my current state of being feels: unguided and lost… So, what do we do now? We go ahead and feel it all – loss, grief, tragedy, frustration, power, strength, a new forging of truth, and more. Sometimes all within a few seconds.

Today’s work isn’t meant to bring you down, especially if you’re struggling, too. I simply wanted to write about what this deep work can look like, and it’s definitely not toxic positivity or bunny rabbits and roses. It’s so much more. And that is the forging. That is the truth. As we continue to be shaped in this place and do our own shaping, we’ll witness how our inner fire might dim, but it never goes out. It burns within and lights our way in the mist until we find our way through. It feels like a blessing and a curse all at once, because of what we experience while going through these shifts. But don’t let that fire go my friends — it’s needed in this Universe.



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