Getting Through (Bleep) Experiences: Then Helping Others

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

This post was going to be a message of faith, looking for signs, etc., but let’s just go a different direction today, shall we? Let’s talk about surviving…

Lately, my household has been challenged – like many – to regroup and pivot.

For us, the last few weeks have been a blur: after umpteen strangers walking through the house, we sold it and closed on another. We’ve moved 2/3 of our things to an area we don’t even live in yet and it’s like we’re camping, sort of… Shoot, when the packing tape comes out one dog hides under the table and has some PTSD going on. Let’s be honest. There are definitely days where the tears and the stress come, and other days I’m zen-ed out thinking it’s going to be all good.

Isn’t it funny how one day we feel on top of the world, and the next an inch tall? Maybe it was just a Monday.

Yesterday was zen — there was yoga and meditation involved — but today brought some doozies. It’s weird to feel an inch tall, and to keep moving forward with what needs doing all at the same time.

See, my last day on the job is Friday. Honestly, that’ll definitely be a “Fri-yay!,” a relief, and a release of emotions. It’s been yet another job where I was trying to find my place while paying the bills without deep fulfillment.

You know what makes the challenging, “downer” experiences even better though?

When you can look back and go, “I #@(!*%) got through that sitch.”

Damned if it doesn’t feel good sometimes to just get through – survive – and then have those times where you thrive afterward.

I know in five days this j-o-b is done, and while that’s scary in its own way, it means I can focus even more on you — help you with more time, energy, and clarity.

And. I. Can’t. Wait. To. Do. That.

Folks, sometimes it’s easier to not climb that mountain. It can feel easier to turn away. But there are some mountains we need to crawl up because it’s something to learn from, and then we can help others do the same. This mountain has been full of thorny patches, stuck-in-the-mud moments, and times where I was looking for my rescue chopper just to pick my butt up and take me anywhere else. I wanted to quit early, and even tried to find other work, but it just wasn’t panning out. Now I know why…

This experience will help me help you even more, so it’s been worth it. Guaranteed.

I’m working on new material now that is central to this “wisdom work” — and, yes, even when trying to apply it to the crummy days.

Have you had crummy experiences, only to find out later “how” they helped you grow? Are you at a point of pivoting in life? Are you ready to even consider it, or to start fresh?

Let me know in the comments below what you need encouragement for, or what you’re learning about yourself as you climb your mountain. If you want to keep it private, click here and send a message. I want to know where you’re at and to help you find that wisdom inside. It’s a compass that will guide you, too.