The Power of Speaking Your Truth: 3 Tips to Get Started Today

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

Fellow Women/Womxn—>How are you? How’s life going?

While packing up the house and getting various projects done, we took a minute to relax and play a game a few nights ago. I had no idea that an ordinary activity would shock me, make me pause, and then go, “Woah…”

Do you have moments where you’re doing something “basic” and simple, but then an inspiration stems from it? Others have said it, too: inspiration comes while they drive, shower, cook, walk, and more.

So, let’s chat about this game, shall we? It’s a deck of cards with statements on them, and back-and-forth the people playing share their answers to questions. Not to sound social work-y, but it’s a good game to learn more about others vs. make presumptions about them.

Here was the question: “What do most people overestimate or underestimate about you?”

To paraphrase, my answer was: “Some people see my sensitivity or holding back from abrasive honesty as a weakness. But after what I’ve been through in life, and maybe in past lives, I have the strength of 1,000 men. I just show it in my way.”

Friends… When the words came out that I have the “strength of 1,000 men” my voice changed. It was strong, it was resonant, and it was truthful. Who knew that a simple game would remind me of who I am, rather unexpectedly?

As you can see with FSW and my life purpose, I’m here to help you. But none of this can happen without working on myself, accepting myself, or listening to what’s deep within. You already know it, the FSW motto is “helping women use their wisdom…” So—when my Wisdom is speaking, I know I need to listen and honor it and I’m here to help you listen and honor yours.

Here are 3 Tips to Listening, Honoring, and Speaking Your Truth:

1) Declutter Your Mind—>Allow It Space to Stop and Be Quiet & Create the Space for Your Body to Just Be

In our daily lives, there can be a bunch of chaos, especially during times of transition and change. But by decluttering our mind, practically, or allowing yourself space to stop for a minute, there’s room to be You. For a few minutes, you’re not identifying with the Ego per se, or running around in circles scatter-brained. You’re present. Also, the Body needs presence, too. Yes, it’s rather like a machine and keeps going like clock-work, but it needs you to “just be” and give it some rest. By rest I mean mindfully doing dishes, or playing a game, chillin,’ or doing an activity with focus. Just imagine that our bodies react alongside our minds and mindset; they’re connected. So, we need to honor both by taking a break.

2) Let Your Wisdom Be Present—Don’t Shove It Away for Petty Things

What I mean by this tip is when your wisdom, your inspiration, or your “Aha!” moments come, don’t shove them away. Don’t minimize them. For centuries, we’ve been hyped up, evolving, and in survival-mode… We don’t always have to be in survival mode (though we’re a little hard-wired by now). And let’s not even repeat what womxn have been through for millennia in many cultures… We are not submissive by our very nature. We don’t always have to go, go, go, or be perfect. And we deserve to come to terms with what really fulfills us and brings us deep contentment. It’s critical for our mind, body, and Spirit, to not only have this knowledge, but it’s relevant to our thriving.

3) Listen to Your Truth & Speak It

To know our truth, active listening is key. Sure, a lot of us have been trained to commit to, and administer, active listening skills while conversing with others. It’s a really good skill to have, by the way. But, we don’t solely have to use this skill “on others;” we should commit this ability to ourselves. Dare I say (because I’ve had to do it myself), shut up a minute, actively listen to your heart, your senses, your body, and your Inner Wisdom. And when that Inner Wisdom comes out, offer the time and space for it. Feel it in your very cells, your bones, and let it resonate, because it’s like a veil has been lifted and you’re seeing Life anew.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Freak Out if You Sound or Act “Different”

Honestly, when those words came out and how they came out…it threw me for a second. At first, I was embarrassed by how I sounded and I didn’t expect it myself. After the initial shock wore off, the knowledge and strength left behind felt necessary to hold onto and to not forget about. I’ve been carrying this experience with me, and it’s shaped how I’ve gone through my days since. I’ll write more on that later, but suffice it to say: don’t freak if you “act better” or “stronger” than you did yesterday. This is evolution, this is knowledge-building, and remembering who you are, Beautiful.

Let me know in the comments below what you think or send me an email telling me how hard (or easy) it is for you to listen to Your Self and speak your truth. I’m curious and eager to help you grow and move forward, while honoring who you are. You’ve been through things, and I know it’s hard to speak up sometimes… Truly, I get it. But I also know in my Soul that you are incredibly capable of learning more about yourself and living in your dignity. Let’s remember our strength together!