Yes, it’s OK to Do Just Enough, Right Now

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Wisdom Over Toxicity

Hey, oh! I’m doing a personal challenge today to prove something to myself, Women and Womxn… Ready for a simple confession and validation post?

  1. I’m going to purposely not do 150% right now, that leads to burning the candle at both ends. That was the Old Virginia, but we’re trying to live by the Wiser Virginia and FSW way, eh?
  2. I’ll try to own this without guilt, because we moved back across the state (literally just yesterday afternoon) and we’re adjusting still. We have about 190 sq. ft., 135+ pounds of dogs, and two humans in this RV. This is down from a rather large home (by our standards anyway) with a yard on the other side of WA. Maybe I’ll go into the reasons later, but suffice it to say we’re stepping over the dogs right now and re-learning how to coexist.
  3. Sometimes I really appreciate how people can parse things down into well-meaning words and simple messages. So, let’s get to it…

Doing Just Enough

I’m guessing that 2020 rocked your world in one-to-many ways (or, Life before it). And 2021 has also maintained momentum and speed in which our worlds are shifting, sometimes unexpectedly.

Do you give yourself enough grace, space, and time, to just be ok with doing enough?

*Crickets…* Yeah, me too.

To be transparent and honest, I’m not exactly a “complacent type.” I don’t usually sit around long enough to get stuck per se. I’m usually the opposite: quick to jump from one thing to another. Though, I can have times of ruminating or playing out a situation in my head of where I could do better. It’s this little trick of the mind where self-degrading habits kick in and more.

Maybe you go through some of the same, or you push through things until you don’t know what you have left of Yourself. While the Soul You feels infinite, the Human Element could use a rest for a second.

–>There is nothing wrong with this, Folks.

Doing just enough can be enough for now. And then tomorrow, or the next day, or after that, we can pick up the pieces and start again. Fresh. Renewed. Or, at least a little pulled together more.

What Grace Can You Give Yourself to Do “Just Enough” Right Now?

We’re talking about having a holistic balance here, Friends… As usual. Let’s dive in and feel free to ask yourself these questions, or something like them:

  • What five-minute (or more) activity would make me feel refreshed?
  • How and when can I do this?
  • What’s holding me back from doing it?
  • But what will I gain from doing it?
  • How will this break help move me forward today, or even after that?
  • Not a question, but here are a couple of mantras or statements that I like to reflect on and reinforce within myself. You do you and find what works for you.
    • It is safe to take a break in this breath.
    • I am soulfully present and a being of Light and Love.
    • To help myself, others, and this world, it is ok to take this time.
    • Here and now, I can do just enough and be ok with it.

Let’s just end today’s post with love and light… Friends, you’re doing a lot; you’re handling a lot. And you’re doing the best you can in this moment. Later, we can start anew and regroup; we can take another step forward in our wisdom. But today, we can find rest to replenish our bodies, minds, and spirits, yeah? I give you 100% permission to do so and am with you on your journey, Beloved. If you’re struggling with this idea, feel free to email me here or comment below. If you want a guide to help you get started and live in your wisdom, you’ll get it free by clicking here. One step at a time. One moment at a time. You’re doing amazing.