When Worried: Use Your Wisdom to Persevere with These 3 Tips

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Wisdom Over Toxicity

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Have you been wondering lately how you’ll survive ______? Or, how you’ll make it through another day doing ______?

I’ve done the same thing, and honestly am having some of those thoughts and feelings right now as I type. It’s totally natural, common, and something that we can all work through and get past.

How do we do it?

Remember the actual past.

Plus, when you’re worried or freaked out, remember your worth, your wisdom, and your ability to persevere. Let’s get started.

Time to remember your past, in the best way

The past can teach us quite a bit and we can be a witness to how we’ve approached things before, how we’re doing now, and how we’d like to do things (better) in the future. All-in-all, this means learning from our past and then actively changing our behavior, yeah?

Learning from the past takes some guts; it takes looking at good-to-not-great choices. And it also takes a lot of courage, self-love, and compassion, which we can all develop in time. If you don’t think you have these in you yet, I can already tell you that there’s courage inside you because you’re here and you’re trying to find information to help yourself. Honestly, it’s not that FSW is perfect. You, my Friend, are seeking out ways to be a Better You through every click, bit of research, and some reading. Through being tender with yourself and having self-forgiveness you’ll start to find self-love and compassion, too, despite your past. Don’t dwell in it; just notice it and move forward.

Remember your worth and wisdom

Self-worth isn’t black and white. It isn’t a case of you either “have it or you don’t.” I tend to see it as a situation where you develop it in time, and some days you feel it deeply or at other times you’re trying to find it again.

Here are ways that I’ve developed self-worth and take away what’ll work for you:

  • Focus on the positive activities or choices you’ve made.
  • Attend to your self-care rituals and make new ones. They can be a few minutes long, hours, and even days long like a retreat.
  • Give your physical, emotional, and spiritual elements, “time outs.” FYI: You’re able to serve others better if you serve yourself first.
  • Don’t listen so intensely to the Human side of you (or others) that diminishes your progress or has self-talk that’s rather nasty to your development. Do honor the side of you that’s scared, feels young or inexperienced like a child, and take care of this element so you can grow.
  • Try new things and dream new dreams, because they could be a part of your journey that you’re ready for.
  • Finally, remember all the pieces of strength in you. You have your voice or expressions, smarts, physical body, and this deep sense within you that knows instinctively what to do next.

Tap into those memories of strength, and sense your ability to persevere

I almost want to leave this alone here, because I don’t want to project on to you my experiences. Still, you probably can’t tell me that you haven’t been through something gnarly in this lifetime (or another). Acknowledge, if you will, your ability to get through that circumstance, survive it, and wake up today still trying to make it. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging strength, even silently to ourselves. In general, it’s simply a best practice to admit strength with humility and not arrogance. For those of us who have been through things, our abilities to persevere can boil down to stubbornness, faith, hope, having options or a circle of support, and a whole bunch of other things.

The takeaway: don’t discount yourself because you feel low, worried, or uncertain. It’s in this hollow space and place that you can find and see your inner light without all the noise. You’ll find your “I’m not quitting today” mentality. Maybe you’ll get up off your knees, or ignore the Doubters and Naysayers (even if that means your own Ego). Tap into this feeling, this acknowledgment of your very tangible strength(s), and you’ll start to leave worries behind and walk in your wisdom today.

Where do you think you stand on your strength spectrum? Would you like to develop your self-worth, and grow to be the best that you can be? Would you like to “wisen up” and see who you really are vs. what you’re told? If you want to see if you’re living a full life, check out the free FSW Quiz here and get personalized results that’ll help you take care of what you need to do. If you’d rather join the FSW Circle (also free) to have a sense of community and more 1:1 dialogue, you can click here and get a lil’ mini-guide as a gift. Last option: if you don’t want any of that and just want to email me to chat about this topic or others on the Blog, you can contact me this way.

I can’t stress this enough: we’re all on this journey together. The more we help one another, the more we’ll all thrive as one. Have a beautiful week ahead, Friends!