Finding the Motivation to Face Challenges: You’re Growing Anyway

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Wisdom Over Toxicity

Resisting what is inevitable can be as nerve-wracking as going through the situation sometimes, eh? Fearing what could happen makes your body and mind feel flooded with adrenaline. Or maybe you shut down wanting to avoid the challenge.

It’s “easy” to think that resisting is worthless because we humans don’t control our destiny per se… Maybe there’s a grain of truth to facing what comes our way with wisdom. While it can feel really unpleasant, sometimes I dig deeper into why I’m resisting X:

  • What’s really happening here?
  • Why am I in this challenge?
  • What’s the lesson?

My usual conclusion: This is happening for a reason and I’ll figure it out later (that reason can range from you’re friggin’ tired to it’s time to move on from this thing).

Point is, it might be motivating to remember:

  • You’re a being who can learn what your value is as you go through this.
  • You’re a soul who came to this very point in time and place to expand in light and grow.
  • You’re having human experiences to come out of them stronger in your Self.

It’s not all bunny rabbits and roses around here, but with learning in mind we can take action when it’s necessary.

  • Are you acting like a doormat with that coworker of yours? (Professionally) stand up to harsh people, if that’s what is needed. Boundaries are meant to be drawn, even if others try to bulldoze them.
  • Are you sick of seeing all the ugly in the world? Bring a moment of beauty to one person. Really listen to them while they speak, or give them a kind gesture of support. If people are too much for you, go love on an animal in need or hug your critter for an extra five minutes a day.

Resisting a challenge is normal and we all do it. But maybe through the bumps, you’ll come to know yourself better afterward. So, start to face that challenge and picture it like a speed bump to get over rather than a mountain you can’t conquer.