Dear Wise Woman: You Have More Courage Than the Naysayers

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Wisdom Over Toxicity

Dear Wise Woman:

Just because you pivot often while you try to reclaim who you are over the years, doesn’t mean you’re a guru at life-ing. Let’s just own that!

It just took me days to get over a naysayer, aka Dream Doubter, recently. Why? Because, dammit, they’re poking at something that is deeply entwined with my work on this planet. And this is where I’ve had an ah-ha moment while sharing today’s wisdom.

Naysayers or Dream Doubters = adult toddlers. I know, that’s pretty assertive, but let me explain…

I feel like naysayers can be a little like toddlers, but less cute. Sometimes they just don’t know how to stop asking, “Why? But… Why?? And you’re really going to do _________?”

Then we have the opportunity to either cave and go, “You’re right,” or we can remember our courage. 👇🏻

In this video you’ll be gifted the friendly reminder:

Let's Recap:

If you’re going to remember anything from today’s post and video, let’s start with the fact that (in my opinion) it’s not courageous to naysay. Quite the opposite, really. And lastly, dear wise woman, you already have more courage than the naysayers. It’s time to tap into it and make the impact you want to make. Starting now.

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