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Your Soul Seeds™ Guide

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Root Into Your Soul and Nurture What Aligns With You

This Soul Seeds™ Guide can offer you a chance to merge your intuition, intellect, and independence.

It’s hard when we feel like we’re right on the edge of learning about our next steps, or sensing it, but then that clarity doesn’t come. Or we have to (gasp) wait for it. This guide is for you, my fellow intuitive and independent wise woman.

In one or two sittings, it can bring all of you together and light the path forward in the work that aligns with you. The gifts straight from your soul.

This guide offers you:

  •   A grounding meditation that will take you on a journey to help you discover what aligns with you
  • Reflections that accompany the meditative journey and gain clarity about what you sensed
  • A “sneak peek” into the Zone of Purpose Blueprint. This final component of the guide pulls in your work history to round out your new-found wisdom and awareness

Virginia is an incredible coach. From the first time I spoke with her till now, I have found her perspectives helpful and encouraging. She listens, supports, questions and gets you to think. Most of all, she believes in you and encourages you to pursue your passion and dreams, living your best life. You feel you have someone in your corner to cheer, celebrate or whatever you need to push forward!

Join her program and see for yourself!