Why Are You Starting This Journey? Because I Don’t Know How to Do Life Any Other Way Right Now

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

Hey, professional women and womxn! We’re jumping into this week’s post with some truth-telling here! In the last month or so there have been unexpected things piling up. I know, we can all “take a number” on that one, the unforeseen Plot Twists and trying to balance everything. Sometimes I need help from the outside to stay grounded or get a pick-me-up, because we’re all in this together, no?

Because I get different newsletters in my Inbox, I’m learning new things quite often. This memo was from a women’s organization, and honestly, I wasn’t that surprised when this came my direction and kind of reinforced what’s been happening:

A February horoscope For Cancers (that’s me), “Unforeseen obstacles. Side note: It will all be worth the trouble!”

Admittedly, my first response was, “No shit……..” And while the horoscope said it’ll all be for the better, since 2022 started there’s been a delay on work I’m doing that is feeling 100% out of my control. And it’s still going on, too. So, when starting to panic throughout January about things moving around this quarter, there was another relevant and perfectly timed message. First, though, a backstory.

Penzu—a little software thing that I haven’t used since this original note was made—is a mobile space where you can write thoughts, ideas, and more. Admittedly, that’s why I got it; at the time I was literally in a moving process (the second of three within about a year). And while it’s a little shameful to say, I haven’t used it since then because I’m more of a paper and pen kind of gal. But its purpose has definitely served me.

I’d be lying if I said some of our past doesn’t come back to haunt us—about what we did or didn’t do, how we thought back then, or whatever. But this memo has become my little life raft right now…

Penzu: Why are you starting this writing journey?

Moi: To reach out and help women thrive.

Seriously, I wrote this—and totally forgot about it—on February 4, 2020. That’s two years ago!

But these seven words couldn’t be more powerful in my life, y’all. Why? Because despite delays for a big project, I’m still trying to make a daily difference as much as possible. By “reaching out and helping women thrive.”

Admittedly, today’s post isn’t much for tips and tricks, beyond the following chat between us:

What can you do today that two years down the road you’ll go, “Huh, I’m doing that now and I didn’t even know it…” How’d that feel for you if it came into being?

Or, maybe you start to work forward with daily or weekly ideas in your heart and your head. Sure, maybe you, too, will forget about such a “small thing” only for it to blossom into something tangible down the road.

Last reflection question: Think back to two years ago—what have you done for yourself (or even others) that’s brought you joy and a feeling of empowerment? Is it time to grow that and expand upon it? Or something related to it? Jot down how and implement.

Think about your daily work, your passion, what you’ve pursued, and what you’ve learned. We can all keep learning, if we’re open to doing it. There’s not a soul around here that isn’t in a place of growth, and that includes me. 🙂 So, let’s keep doing a dance together: reflect, learn, do. Then rinse and repeat, and the You that you’re looking for will come forward.

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