When You Don’t Quit But You Pivot: Re-learning How to Live

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

Hey, Women & Women!

We’re diving in immediately–>you’ll find out why and hopefully will understand that self-care is a valid priority to have and to implement.

I think sometimes our culture can be smothered in a “don’t quit” attitude. No doubt, there’s a lot of us that charge forward—myself included—until we’ve spent all the reserves of energy that our Human body can muster in one timeframe.

Do you do the same? Sure, sometimes we “have” to get through the hurdles; sometimes we have no choice.

But with all that in mind, I’ve got one word for you: pivot.

It’s Not About Quitting, It’s About Working with Your Pivot

The power of pivoting is substantial; we can even call it going with the flow or adaptation if we want to. And to provide a case example: I’m typing these words on my phone ‘cause we’re at the house getting it ready for closing. It’s been fixed, cleaned, offered on, and more. An unexpected trip last week found us stopping here, at the 11th hour to finish this chapter up, on the way home.

All-in-all, I sit here seeing that we didn’t quit this house or this dream… We are pivoting with the situations that came to us and we have pivoted in the direction we’re headed now. And this new direction seems to suit us better in so many ways, whether we knew it would or not.

Maybe try this reframe out for yourself… Doesn’t it feel better to think, or tell yourself, that you can pivot when needed vs. feeling like a “quitter?” It’s taken years for me to reframe this simple perspective, to be real with you.

Doing Just Enough is Ok Right Now

Today’s post doesn’t have tips or deep guidance. We’re about the simple stuff for this week and a simple reframe. Also, I thought I’d be honest: I need a minute to step back and get un-exhausted from the last couple weeks. FSW wouldn’t be what it is if I didn’t act Human, too, or acknowledge the need to self-care right along with you. And if you want some more info. on doing “just enough,” I wrote about that almost two months ago. Enjoy, or check out a ton more posts here, and I’ll come back with more zest next week!

What do you think about “being a quitter,” or anything else you might tell yourself or be told by others? Does it feel more powerful to be adaptive, or do you think you need to keep your ambitious drive come Hell or high water? I’d love to know, so feel free to comment below or email me 1:1 here. Also, there are other resources on FSW in the mean time: here’s the FSW Quiz or the FSW Circle. After you check them out, you’ll get a mini-guide to start reconnecting with yourself today!