How to Accept Change, Even When It’s Hard

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

People, the last weeks and months have been hard for all of us. There aren’t words, and there aren’t superficial bunny rabbits all over the place, joyously bouncing under rainbows. This chapter of life is damn hard. I feel for the world, every being affected, because this is definitely a time of transition without a map or GPS unit beyond our own wisdom and the Universe.

But, I still believe it’s a time of growth even when those pains of growth hurt deep or surprise the hell out of us. We can keep walking forward, even if we’re stumbling or dragging ourselves bit by bit. It feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it?

With that disclaimer out there, I’ll let you in on what’s been going on here: family health issues, work drama and conflict, house projects out of left field, nearly losing a beloved critter two days ago, not finding the next place to move yet, etc. Honestly, this message has taken a while to write because a) I’m losing track of what day it is and going day-by-day, and b) whatever routine existed in February or March has done a 180*.

Funny enough, the last FSW post was about self-forgiveness, and with all that’s been happening, y’all, I’ve been so frustrated – sometimes at myself – that I want to chuck that proverbial rock and scream. I’ve been practicing what I wrote to you all, taking my own medicine. Oh, Irony and Wisdom.

So, what’s worth typing about today? Plenty, but we’ll keep it simple.

What have you overcome the last two months that’s been friggin’ hard?

Kiddos home from school for months? Work going sideways or gone completely? Have you survived the virus itself, or lost someone you cared for? Regardless of your answers to these questions: You, friend, are a friggin’ rock. You might not feel like it now, but I have to say you being here in this world, staying here, and taking one step at a time, is powerful. Pat yourself on the back and see your strength.

How do you take a break, and see what makes you grateful?

My saving grace lately: tea, walking, petting the dogs, listening to the birds… Simple, five-minute, gratitude-building moments have taken my stress down five notches. Temporary relief, sure, but it’s there. What are you doing to help yourself? How’s that going? Not to sound insensitive at all, or minimize the struggles of others, but I’m just grateful right now to wake up each morning, alive.

What have you learned about yourself that’s surprised you?

Has anything come up lately – new feelings, reactions, with your body or whatever – that’s shown you how or where you can establish a healthier balance? The suffering is extensive; it’s a reality of this time. But on the flipside, we’re looking in a mirror right now of what we can do differently. In ways, we’re being “forced” to do it because of circumstances out of our control.

Accepting change, or softening the resistance to change, is scary. We like to know what’s going on, we like to feel safe. It’s human nature for most of us.

But take some time to witness yourself, maybe answer the questions above. Reflect not just on alarm bells and terror, but focus for a bit on the good – any good – that’s coming out of the changes.

Change happens, ready or not. Everything has a season, and even knowing that this bumpy cycle has an end, we can get through today. Then the next. Then the next after that.