The Perfect Pivot & The “Secret” to Adjusting to Surprises

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

Moving can create some of the best life-meets-reality situations, eh?

We went from a rather populated space to a rural one. A place with “all” amenities to another with less. And, Life Lesson #429, always look up internet options before you move. Life Lesson #430, do this especially if you work from home, run an online business, or during craziness like COVID. *Crickets* Yeah, I know.

Honestly, this situation didn’t even register because I’ve always lived in places that had multiple providers and options. I know that’s going to come off as privileged, and it is, but wow.

So far, we’ve unexpectedly spent a lot of dollars trying to get the internet waves above 1 Mbps – we even debated if we should go back to the 90s version of dial-up, if we could… Those in our age bracket and above will get it: the fight over who needs to make a phone call or keep playing the computer game because they’re close to moving up a level… Classic.

The struggling internet has not been the only hysterical situation since moving in – the FSW circle got to hear of another one. (Click here if you’d like to stay connected and get direct encouragement, too.)

This whole move has made me think about the “perfect pivot” – does it even exist?

Maybe not 100%, but we can sure try to adjust to surprises in our best way possible.

In our gut or our deep intuition, we know what it feels like to adjust to surprises wisely vs. in roller-coaster style. The latter isn’t wrong, per se – we all have times of, “Holy crap! I had all these plans, and this came?! WTH!” We’re human.

Yes, have the roller-coaster feelings. Acknowledge the unexpected. Then prep, do homework, get information, and finish what needs finishing, if that is what’s meant to be. But, through all of it, there is one “secret” activity that can help you have a better chance of riding the waves with some sanity intact.


Create those morning, daytime, and evening, moments to help you feel grounded. The more, the better in my opinion, especially when surprises keep coming – because sometimes they will. The grounding will help your body and mind relax, even for that time, and then you can face the surprises with more wisdom than not.

I’m using the term like a verb here, because it’s easy to think of grounding as a concept, but it can also be an activity…like mindfully making breakfast. Or, simply sitting looking out the window and seeing whatever is there. Or, maybe it’s putting a motor together, or meditating. You know grounding rituals that work for you the best. And let’s be authentic with each other. If you haven’t done them for a while, it’s ok. Forgive yourself and try again – right now, for a few minutes, and get a sense of calm back.

What I’ve learned in the last two weeks is that this place is different from where we came from and there are some learning curves. But, it has quiet, nature for miles and miles, and other means of grounding opportunities that work for me. All of these things were a trade-off, a choice to make.

You can make a choice, too, and learn how to adjust with your Wise Self in the lead. We can all learn how to do this together, in each day, friends. Try grounding a little more often; see how that feels for you and let me know.

Do you think there is a “perfect” way to pivot when facing unexpected surprises? Or, how do you assess what’s a “good” or “bad” pivot? I’m curious to know what you feel works for you, or how you meet surprises head-on (or, from your Wise Self).

Feel free to comment below or if you want to keep it private, click here to send me a message. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to journey with you, and to help you find your inner wisdom. It’s so beautiful, you’re so beautiful, and you rock.