Starting to Live a Soul-Full Life: Part 4 of 5

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

It’s our fourth week of sharing this soul-full living wisdom! If you’ve missed them, here are the last three posts from week one, week two, and last week.

Today I want to talk with you about committing to your expansion every day. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or feel like massive steps; we can do this in little ways, too.

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I shared a Weekly Wisdom tip with the members of the FSW Circle in today’s email – you can sign up by clicking here – relevant to this idea of expansion. It came to me while I was at my monthly sweat lodge over the weekend!

What I’ll share with you here, relevant to this five-part conversation, is that when we commit to ourselves, it’s like the Universe opens up her arms to gather us in because we’ve said, “yes.” Yes to ourselves; yes to a new beginning.

But when we shy away from our expansion and try to play small (even when we don’t know that we’re doing it), we close ourselves off to our greatness. And I don’t mean egoic pursuits that harm others or the world. We’re talking about expanding in ourselves, for ourselves, and for collective well-being.

So, how do we do this? Let’s talk about two key steps that I’ve done myself.

Step 1: Expressing Your Commitment (Even When You’re Not Sure About It)

Recently, on LinkedIn, I shared a post with a mantra I’ve used in the past. It goes like this:

I am a successful business owner.

I am a successful business owner.

I am a successful business owner.

And I’m living as one right now.

I’ve repeated this three times, with my hand on my heart and my feet firmly on the ground.

Now, you can choose what works for you and what you’re trying to do right now. It might be a certain role in your life or a new step that you want to take. So, let’s do this together:

I am a (successful, intuitive, loving, etc.) + (role: professionally or personally).

I am a (successful, intuitive, loving, etc.) + (role: professionally or personally).

I am a (successful, intuitive, loving, etc.) + (role: professionally or personally).

And I’m living as one right now (or becoming one right now).

Repeat three times, grounding as you wish into the words and expression of your truth.

As I’ve said in my program and here before, while mindset work is incredible and rewarding, I like working in a holistic manner: body, mind, and spirit. When thinking these powerful statements, naturally, our thoughts and choices come with it. As we express ourselves, our intention is known. When our intention is known, we can stand in our strength (quite literally, if able) and embody our expansion. Feel free to use this exercise to continue to expand your horizons.

Step 2: Committing to Your Expansion with This Key Tip

It’s really no secret, this tip. When you’re committing to your expansion in everyday existence, don’t shy away from it. That’s the step!

While it may seem simple, thoughts and conditions that we carry hold weight, energetically. When we keep degrading ourselves in thought or action, or we make choices that “keep us playing small” and comfortable…we are barricading ourselves in a wall. It may not be a physical one, but more symbolic or like a comfort zone ring we never step out of.

Here are five ways you can commit to your expansion in everyday ways:

  1. When you start to over-apologize, stop talking or typing and end your sentence
  2. If you see yourself in the mirror, try to not cringe or degrade yourself
  3. Say you’re feeling shy about a choice, or an activity, but it feels right to do: sign up for it and go do it
  4. If you have a life-changing goal in mind – like changing jobs or starting a business – don’t discard the idea immediately for x, y, z reasons. Dream and wonder about it and see how your life could change for the better
  5. When you find yourself being busy to a fault, try to schedule in You Time (like we’ve already talked about) so you quit draining your bucket of energy and focus.

Now take these steps with you and continue to expand, because your strengths and light are needed on this planet. And as you’re here, reading these words, I can already tell that you’re ready to grow, learn more about yourself, and create a ripple effect in your work and personal world. Next week we’ll come back together with the last of the series, guiding you towards soul-full living!


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