Sometimes Our Breakthroughs are at a Vulnerable, but Pivotal, Moment

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

It’s officially October, fellow professional women. Have you gotten your Pumpkin Spice Lattes yet or your pumpkins and apples from the farmer’s market? I’m always amazed at this time of year how many pumpkin-flavored items are out there.

I’m also amazed at how this time of harvest can also be a time of letting go and releasing. We also sense the change in seasons and weather, and maybe even a change in us. I’ve been noticing this over the last few weeks, while I’m trying to balance the next stage of FSW and enrolling new members in the Fall Cohort of the ZPB. It’s a time of letting go of fears, too, but I’m still hanging on to a few…

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How to Carry On When We Feel Vulnerable

I’m sure you’ve noticed over the months how expensive basic needs are and living here at home and around the world. So many of us are pinching pennies and trying to figure out how we’re going to keep going in a tight economy. As a business owner, I’ll admit the worry is there not only for my clients but for myself even. And over the weekend, I had a mini-meltdown because of financial stressors.

Long story short, the mastiff puppy swiped the older dog’s food off the table (which also had her medicine in it), which triggered my tears and being upset at her consuming “$5 of food and supplements!” Luckily, nothing was harmful to Freya, but she got timeout and I was so pissed. One, I don’t like dogs on tables. It’s just a rule I’ve had for more than a decade of dog ownership. Two, she knows how to “leave it” just fine when she has a treat in front of her, it’s the listening when there is no treat…

The point is, waterworks came and boy was I feeling vulnerable. Not only is dog food up in price, meds/supplements are, too. More importantly, as my business is built (so far) on a program-based income model, there’s a lot riding on my own “success.” And I hate sleazy selling down to my soul and bones, y’all. You can see the conundrum.

So, while sobbing I told my spouse that maybe I should just go get a job for consistent funds. But then more tears came because I’m finally doing my deep soul-full work in this business vs. what I went through with previous jobs. I still worry about getting clients, because, hello, I’m not as popular or known as some founders…one of which started a business that rhymes with “tanks.”

Releasing the Vulnerability to Allow for the Breakthrough

After sobbing, processing, and releasing tension and tears, we talked further about this soul-stirring work and giving it more time. To be honest, my enrollment deadline for the Fall Cohort is 10/14. So, there’s plenty of time for members to still be enrolled.

But you know how when we’re at a turning point or “leveling up,” we panic? Or we get in our own heads and nervous systems about failing big time? That’s where I was at my friends…

And guess what? I’m still nervous about selling (probably will be until FSW is the next “tanks”), but with my Summer Cohort member finding huge success and clarity in the program… did I remember that? Nope. I was just worried about the (very real) vulnerability of selling again.

That’s why I can tell this is my lesson from the Universe. This is my “takeaway” for this season: discovering women who would be a good fit for the program and continuing to sell from the soul not from egoic sales pitches we’ve all been taught to do.

So, I keep serving with the written word, in collaboration, and support. And I also keep grounding myself in the knowledge that I have a lot to offer women who want to lead their lives in a whole new way for the years to come.

Paying Attention and Supporting Your Breakthrough

When you feel yourself in panic mode, my friends, first, take that time to release your tensions or talk about your worries with someone, to get out of your own “reptile brain.” Second, see the release of vulnerability as a breakthrough in and of itself. Then, as you witness your wisdom and “ah-ha moments” that follow, those are also breakthroughs.

So, whenever you feel at a “low point,” tap into your experiences and self-knowledge, because you’ve already made it through vulnerabilities before. You’ve taken risks, as I have, and we’re a lot smarter than we give ourselves credit for, plus we have what it takes to make strides in life.

Do I feel 100% confident in selling the next cohort spots? I’d be lying if I said, “yes.” But as I’ve wrapped up the last week of live lessons today, I feel buoyant. That’s the breakthrough, as is the knowledge that you and I can “rinse and repeat” what we know, how we did it, and the goals that lie ahead (even if we’ve felt vulnerable at the same time).

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