Putting Your Heart and Soul into Something Vulnerable (and Exciting)

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

It’s officially 2023! We’ve made it and might be feeling like we’ve gone through another year of collective whiplash. Where’d 2022 go, like 2021, and 2020?

I just recently laid out an entire plan for 2023 – thanks to a collaborative Goals Workshop with Jeanette Spencer, founder of WEN – and my spreadsheet is full! This isn’t about resolutions though, it’s about a game plan for life and work that’s 12 months long or longer. We’re talking intentions, my why, action steps, and more. And because my spreadsheet is full, that also means that my heart is pretty full, too, because this is my soul’s work.

Now, one thing I want to communicate with you is that just because we’re doing our soul’s work (or want to) doesn’t mean it’s always easy, eh? Because we’re about transparency and authentic journeys together here at FSW, let’s dig into two sides of this particular situation together today.

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#1: Putting Your Heart and Soul into Something Vulnerable: Before You Do It

There’s a reason why we have this phenomenon called the comfort zone. We really do like staying comfortable; it’s wired in our human bodies and experiences. Blame the saber tooth tigers. Poor things get such a bad rep when we talk about our wiring and fight, flight, freeze…

When you’re ready to make a pivot – be it professionally or personally – you and I will always have the “before you do it” stage. It’s the unknown. It’s the 2 am worries of, “I don’t know what the Hell I’m doing…” And it can be intimidating.

The truth is: it’s easier to work with when we can own it.

Any pivot in our world has a before, a during, and an after, so as you continue to unpack what you’d like to change in your life — here’s a few tips:

  • Accept that it’s vulnerable
  • Know that you will absolutely figure things out along the way
  • And you’ll get clarity as you do

Get a plan started, in detail, of what you’d like to change, why, and how (to the best of your ability). Network, research what others have done, and the pros and cons to the processes. And as you work your way through your process, continue to be prepared for adaptation and the feelings that come with this shifting and changing course of action.

If you’re already in the midst of your pivot or working through your life or work project right now, let’s dive into it.

#2: Putting Your Heart and Soul into Something: As You Do It

Now, say you’re not in category one and you’re already walking on the path for your “dream job,” your side hustle or business, etc. and you’re still wondering WTF you’re doing, almost once a week or more… That is also an entirely vulnerable, scary, and exciting, space to be in, too.

As mentioned above, getting clarity before, during, and after the pivot is huge. And I’d say that gaining clarity is one of the absolutely best gifts we can give ourselves while working through the vulnerability of something new.

What if we continually told ourselves (and recognized) as we move forward through a new step:

  1. “I’m figuring out what I like, dislike, and are neutral about, in this area of my life.”
  2. “This is not a failure or a loss of experience, related to ‘mistakes’ in the past; this is me understanding why I’m here on this planet and how to go about it.”
  3. “This is pushing my comfort zone, but I didn’t come into this lifetime to be rigid anyway.”

So, now that we’ve gone over two sides of this vulnerability and excitement when considering a pivot, let’s share the Too Long, Didn’t Read (TLDR).

The Takeaway: Honor Your Process and Keep Learning and Moving in That

Life feels like a cha-cha or a dance sometimes: five steps forward, two sideways, about seven back, and then for fun a flip or a swirl in there… And sometimes you might do child’s pose, like a yoga move, on the floor, in a panic. The point is, life’s not linear; it’s scary, vulnerable, exciting, and ho-hum all at the same time.

As you continue, too, intentionally and with self-love and compassion, go through your days ahead and continue to be grounded in who you are. And if you don’t know who that is precisely, go back to the three tips above: it’s ok to feel vulnerable, know you’ll figure things out along the way, and know that you’ll be getting clarity you desire.


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