How Would You Define Wealth for Yourself?

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Soul-Full Purpose and Business

Hello, and we’re back with another blog post from FSW! Two Mondays ago, it was Indigenous Peoples Day here in the U.S. and we took the time to continue to decolonize our hearts, minds, and spirits, and hold space for being not only an ally but remembering how we want to show up in this work.

With the domestic and global conflicts and tensions rising, it’s made many of us introspective. As there are many in my city, region, country, and the world, who go without, I’ve been mulling over lately wealth. What it means to me and what it might mean to you.

If you don’t have the spoons for today’s conversation, that’s ok. Bookmark this post and return to it later.

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Wealth for You: Defined

If we set aside the bills we have to pay (only for a moment ‘cause they’re there), I keep thinking about the work we would each do if money wasn’t an issue or a need. In truth, doing FSW would be it for me; and being a writer and researcher.

So my question for you is: what would, or does, wealth look like for you? What would you deem are “riches?”

Building Wealth in Your Daily Life

Now that you have some of those details, how can you build this wealth in your daily life? And instead of stacking more things on our plate, the idea is to replace them (if possible).

Identify the tasks or roles that make you feel drained, or de-riched vs. enriched, and if there’s any way you can remove them, consider that. Or, decrease their frequency. Not all of us can just wipe a slate clean or start from scratch; we need to get a plan and start with small steps.

And when we get these steps and tasks down, and replace the draining vibes with more loving, enriched life energy, we create a future of beauty in new ways.

Creating Wealth for Your Future

We’ve unpacked defining wealth and now building it in our day-to-day lives. Now think three years ahead, or five if that’s too short. Got it? Now here’s a little exercise to help you keep your eye on what you truly wish to build:

  • Imagine in all your senses your wealthy future. Write it down, document what this entails, and be specific.
  • Throw in some “Plot Twist” plans: in other words, how will you adapt if this plan or dream changes a smidge?
  • Finally, allow yourself permission to change it along the way. Each experience we have teaches us more about ourselves, on a daily and moment-to-moment basis. So, don’t be so rigid that you can’t change this idea or the steps you’d like to take.

I’ll wrap this up by saying a BONUS: nobody can define your wealth to you. This is the life you wish for, long for, and hope to create. And when we can all build equitable wealth together, that sustains us all, our happiness and contentment will be exponentially increased.

Until then, let’s just daydream a little bit and then start to pull some pieces together. Chat with you soon!


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