Rewilding at the Mid-career Stage? It Might Be a Key to Your Career Revolution

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Inner Wisdom

Happy Monday, women and womxn! Last week there was a holiday in the US, so I focused more on the upcoming program needs vs. writing, but this week’s topic is important.

Let’s paint a picture first: you’re ready to make a pivot in the work you do at mid-career. You have no clue how to do it. You’ve spent years trying to fit inside the boxes of your employers and now you’re trying to live in your own box. The one that’ll give you more fulfillment, joy, or at least less stress…

After so many years of giving your all, maybe burning out or feeling like your impact is smaller than what you want to do, you wonder, “What if…?” Or maybe you think, “I’ve always wanted to try to ______.”

Busting out of the comfort zone is possible, in small steps or large ones. Honestly, I find taking lots of small steps, integrated with some massive cliff-jumpers at times, is how I roll best. To be real, right now I’m doing something I’ve never done: a program launch from a business venture vs. something in an org. My perfectionism brain is smoking, and I feel both queasy and more alive than ever. How’s that for a mix?

I can talk about the “invisible wall” of fear later, but today I want to talk about what’s helped me de-layer BS and conditioning, and surrender to the process even more. We’re talking about rewilding.

Start to Rewild and Unpack the BS

Admittedly, I’m using a term found in conservation circles vs. our own development and expansion lingo. Though, we started as animals ourselves and are integral to nature still, so, let’s try to apply these ideas in our life with a little tweaking.

Here’s a definition from Rewilding Britain, another from True Nature Foundation, and to be fair, a rebuttal piece from Nature about the approach.

First, I’m not in conservation circles, so thanks to my peers who are in it for their patience while I reframe this concept. Second, we’ll borrow a section from True Nature Foundation: “Rewilding is a form of ecological restoration with an emphasis on humans stepping back and leaving an area to nature, as opposed to more active forms of natural resource management.” The aspects of “ecological restoration” and “humans stepping back,” are what we’ll use for my next point.

Regarding “resource management,” how many times do we hold ourselves back or try to over-manage our life? What about doing this in our careers, with 10-year plans or something even more structured and long-term? And, by Goddess, it’s going to happen, dammit.

When marinating on “ecological restoration,” and applying it to our expansion and growth… Do we see rewilding as a form, or a way, to restore ourselves? What does restoration look like to you and I?

Before moving on, let’s talk about surrender first. Surrender isn’t easy for most of us. We tend to be total control freaks with our own “management,” simply because we like to stay safe and comfortable. I’m raising my hand on this, too.

What’s always a shocker, though, is that we can try so hard to stay safe. Still, life events happen that throw us off. Or we start something new and feel angst because it’s “not safe” and we don’t believe we have the experiences to build on.

So, why rewilding? Because it’s an opportunity to intimately re-connect with yourself. Less management, more freedom. It’s also a way to rekindle joy, bravery, curiosity, and confidence, in your day-to-day life. From this work of releasing overkill management tactics, and restoring your intuitive and instinctual nature, you can begin to renew yourself. And that means you’ll be able to see yourself in a new light, be open to things you never knew tugged at your heart, listen to that Wise Whisper inside, and more.

How Rewilding Helps You Prepare for a Pivot

But what happens, Virginia, if I’m not ready to pivot in my career journey or I’m not sure what to do? That’s absolutely fine and here’s some feedback on that:

If you’re not ready to make a pivot yet, start with smaller rewilding experiences. In small experiences you can begin to feel freedom, energy, or an oomph, that’s different than your normal, autopilot days. In other words, by breaking out of a mold that you don’t fit in anymore, you can start to rev yourself up for a larger pivot in life. I truly believe that little pivots can add up to the big ones, and clarity comes sometimes when we least expect it.

Now, let’s dive into 20+ tips on how to rewild yourself.

20 or More Tips on How to Rewild Yourself

This list isn’t exhaustive at all, and do what feels comfortable and right for you, while pushing past some barriers a wee bit. In the FSW world, I write out what I’ve been through and do myself—as you can tell—but you can tweak these to your life, 100%.

  1. Going to a social event or two vs. the norm of being a total homebody
  2. Screaming at a sports game
  3. Sitting in nature without any distractions
  4. Being open to doing ____ experience, where it was “too out there” before or was too freaky.
  5. Talking openly—in safe spaces—about an aspect of yourself that isn’t well known, but something you love.
  6. Not caring about other’s reactions
  7. Shrugging off the drama in your life
  8. Ditching friendships or relationships that don’t fill your bucket anymore
  9. Getting to know new people and finding your (new) circle
  10. Daydreaming: thinking of what’s possible vs. what’s “never going to happen”
  11. Reflecting on what empowers you and what drains you
  12. Decreasing what drains you, from no. 11, even in small ways
  13. Accepting and living by the phrase, “You do you.”
  14. Allowing yourself room to grow vs. perfectionism
  15. Truth-telling
  16. Owning your story
  17. Camping, hiking, or forest bathing
  18. Cloud watching and creatively looking at their shapes
  19. Gaining or increasing your independence
  20. Remembering who you are vs. what others tell you to be
  21. Saying no more often
  22. Star gazing
  23. Dancing or singing
  24. …………and now you can take it from here…………

Truth is, when I’m feeling confined or like I’m holding myself back, I “turn up my rewilding dial.” When I do that, I’m reminded that I’m not in the rat race any longer and I’m so much more. So are you, my friends! And that voice within, that’s ready for you to take your next steps in your legacy and your purpose, with balance… Start to listen to it.

It takes a lot of awareness, courage, and long-game truth-telling, to act when we’re ready to go from autopilot to the driver’s seat. I’m not dismissing anyone who isn’t there yet, but for those of you who are, it’s not always a clear-cut journey. So, start with the small steps—borrow some ideas from the Top 20+ List—and see where it takes you!

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