When Your Spoons Are Falling Out of Your Silverware Drawer: Do the Basics

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

Hey there! We’re back with another bi-weekly blog post! And one concept that we talk about here at FSW is the rat race. And usually, we think about the rat race of our careers or the entities we work for or with.

But what about the rat race in our own life? What about all those roles that we have to do, or take on, that are unexpected or even expected? Let’s unpack that today, specifically around what happens when we don’t have any more spoons.

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Our Balance Is As Unique As We Are

The main lesson I’ve learned in this lifetime, so far, is that balance is not only a privilege. It’s a right, and we deserve balance and stability. We deserve to have a life that compliments us, as well as challenges us. All these Plot Twists, known and unknown, show us what balance means to ourselves as unique beings. But one thing we always have to learn, or at least myself, is how to regroup when our spoons are gone. Not just dwindling, but gone.

A friend and I were going to have a coffee date and she asked about doing it this past weekend and I had to admit something I’m really bad at admitting… I had to admit to her that not only did I not have enough spoons to give her my full attention but I’m using toothpicks at this point. Yes, it’s a proverbial answer but you’ll get what I’m saying… My schedule, and brain, and body friend, have been plum-full.

I think the biggest step before we can get into a few basics is knowing when our spoons are dwindling, if we have that awareness, or at least the authenticity to ourselves to say, they’re gone. There’s been quite a few people in my life lately, who’ve been going through huge transitions that are highly impactful. I’m guessing their spoons are dwindling, or gone, for the time being.

This doesn’t mean we can’t get our stash back or we can’t show up in life again with our full potential. But what this does mean is we need to reset and regroup. I talked about it in the Weekly Wisdom tip today (you can sign up for that here) and I wanted to share it on the Blog as well because this matters.

How Do We Start to Reset?

If we can’t take care of ourselves, even for five minutes (don’t discount self-care or roll your eyes at it), we need to simplify. Resetting our body friends and nervous systems helps us in the short and long games. So how do we do that?

  • breathing exercises
  • mindfulness
  • trying to get better sleep
  • nourishing our bodies
  • tending and befriending
  • saying no and creating other boundaries
  • checking our safety net
  • digging into our resources and finding out how we can create new ones (and so much more…)

Be a Rebel and Reclaim Your Balance

My friends, in a complex and hectic world, much of the messaging is the rat race and the fact that your self-care has to be huge, glorious, and maybe even expensive. But what if we dial it back to simplicity that works for us? What if that is the way to rebel in this hectic world: taking care of us, in a soul-full, grounded way?

Not only is it an act of rebellion in the society that most of us live in, but it’s a way to rewire not only our bodies but our future. If others don’t want to, that’s OK. But what do you want? How will you recollect your spoons, so to speak? And what do you want your future to look like with the balance for the hectic days, weeks, or years? Nobody can tell you how to do that, even me. We can suggest tools, but you know yourself or you’re beginning to know yourself as you’re here…

Think about this in the week ahead, and I’ll be doing my own spoon collecting. Even those of us who teach and guide others must do the same work. No shame, no guilt. Have a beautiful week ahead and I’ll write to you in a couple of weeks!


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