Time for a Holiday Detox: Follow Your Instinct and Give to Yourself

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

Hey, Women/Womxn ~ How are things? 🙂 I’ll be honest: I’ve been detoxing lately, but not in the “normal way” that we think about it in this culture. Sometimes the New Year holiday brings talks of physical detoxing, starting over, and getting into shape—which can all be valid. But what do you think about getting in “spiritual shape?” It seems like “spiritual endeavors” can seem taxing for some. Not all of us are going to go to a mountaintop and pray for 16 hours a day, sleep, then do it all over again while fasting. For those that do that method, wonderful. Though for a lot of us, we aren’t meant for that mountaintop now, or ever, so we keep living in this day-to-day space with other people, other responsibilities, and what we are experiencing. So, let’s get honest about detoxing. Sometimes it’s about schlepping—new word—toxins out of the body. I also see it as detoxing mentally, maybe working on decreasing self-talk that’s degrading or “getting rid of” things that are in our control that represent the “old us” that has been outgrown. Notice that detoxing can go in stages or that it has an ebb and a flow to it? What I appreciate about it is that we can follow our instinct and work towards living a holistic, healthier, and happier life pretty much now. And what a beautiful time to give to yourself, Beloveds! You’ve friggin’ earned it! It’s been both the “Year from Hell” for so many, but also the “Year of Change” for so many. And we have in-between moments where we stare at the wall and are happy we’re alive and life is semi-mediocre that day. It’s what you make of it, to be upfront. For me, too—there have been times of, “Yep, Year from Hell,” but then there have been times of resilience and strength that I knew I had, but it didn’t come back out until being in the trenches, so to speak. Let’s move on to giving ourselves a detox from old patterns and habits, before 2021, and then giving ourselves a beautiful gift: Our Self. Our Wisdom. Or, connecting with this peaceful stillness within us however we need and want to.

Here are 8 tips on Detoxing (in time for the holidays and 2021):

  1. Detox the artificial in your life, if possible, and look to speak more honestly, kindly, and with your dignity intact.
  2. Detox emails that need to go—you know, the ones from old flames maybe, or previous circumstances that make you feel small or helpless. (Obviously, keep the important documents that matter in our adulthood.)
  3. Detox “friendships” that aren’t supportive, loving, or kind, or are empty, and they take, take, take.
  4. Detox feeling that you’re not worth time, effort, and love—your body, mind, and Soul, are what you have in this lifetime. They’re worth your time and attention.
  5. Detox perfection—nobody is perfect, it’s a myth.
  6. Detox comparisons—this one is really hard sometimes, but you’re in this place, body, and package, for a reason.
  7. Detox following others vs. your own instinct. Others are others; they live their life. You, Friend, have your life to live. And your Soul, Compass, God, or whatever you wish to call this Wisdom, is already present enough to guide you.
  8. Detox stress. Yep, this one’s really hard, especially right now, but hear me out. We have the ways we react to circumstances and our feelings. Totally natural. But, the chronic, prolonged stress that can be generational, lifelong, or otherwise permeable in every aspect of your life, will eventually wear you down. Do what you can, when you can, to “break the pattern” and give yourself peace—even five minutes. Five minutes can be powerful.

If you want help in finding time in your schedule or your life to detox today, with an actual plan, click here to join the FSW Circle and get a free mini-guide and encouragement. It’s free, the FSW Circle is free, and this Blog is free–I’m all about sharing the good vibes at FSW because we can use some more in this world. 🙂

So what does all this detoxing do?

  • It gives you Your Self back.
  • It gives you clarity.
  • It gives you a minute to read something that resonates with you, or shows you the “next move” to make.
  • And it gives you contentment that a lot of us have forgotten in a society of competitiveness, running around burnt out, anger, and shame.

It’s time to move forward from the consciousness we had yesterday and live for ourselves today: in gifting ourselves dignity, truth, and a deep love that no one else can give us. We already hold these vibrations or “concepts” in us. And the deepest part of ourselves, our Soul, is wise and always learning… But what about the human side of ourselves? Sometimes we have to help this side along, too. And what better time to do it than now. Now is truly all we have, Beloveds. Let me know in the comments below–or contact me this way—with your thoughts on detoxing. Do you agree? Do you find other distractions that make it hard? I’d like to know, and I’m here with you as you walk this journey. It’s easier to do it with the “New Year,” but we kind of have a “New Year” vibe each day we wake up. We can start fresh, in many ways, once we recognize where and how to expand. If you ever have thoughts on this or more questions, email me. I’m here for you! Or, if you’d rather check out tools or read up on using your wisdom first, go to the Blog and see over 20 posts on loving yourself more and being your beautiful self.