Rest is Resilience: Sharing the Wisdom

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

We’re back with another week, y’all! And I wanted to share wisdom with you that’s not my own, and amplify others’ perspectives. When we think about rest being resilience, I don’t know about you, but it would’ve been unknown to Former Virginia.

Honestly, when I see something wrong with life, or the world, I shift into high gear and go from 80 mph to 125. I connect dots, analyze, problem solve… But I’ve recognized lately the wisdom in not doing this all the time, from fellow folks on LinkedIn.

I wanted to share their brilliant wisdom with you in case you find it helpful. Feel free to hop on over to my profile and start to follow them, so you can directly sense their voices of truth.

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Rest is Resilience

How, Virginia? How can rest be resilient?

The way I see it, from my own life, I thought I was being resilient through action. But that just leads to burnout, disappointment, rejection, and a whole host of repercussions.

Another vantage point is that when we rest, we can launch or relaunch our impact and the work we’re here to do in this lifetime. And if we don’t have the foundational energy to do it, our impact isn’t as strong, right? It doesn’t have the spring, in a way, and we’re almost pouring from an empty cup. It’s not to say this is unique; I think many of us do it because we care so damn much in making this world a better place.

But there’s wisdom in not pouring from an empty cup. There’s wisdom in taking care of ourselves, and resting, so we can “charge back up” and reintegrate ourselves in individual and collective change.

And that’s why we need to rebel against the system(s) or pattern(s) that tell us to go-go-go. Because we can see points in our lives, or current situations, where that literally does not work. It’s not sustainable my friends.

How Can You Rebel?

I know… I get it. It’s hard to say, “Ok, I’ll take the day off.” It’s hard when we’re conditioned to be rat racers, to forgive ourselves for needed rest. We feel weak or like we lack oomph.

But let me tell you the truth: it’s not a weakness to give yourself rest. It’s true strength and wisdom.

And that’s the beauty of having folks in your circles who remind you to dial it back… When we can’t see it ourselves, that we’re burning the candle of our energy down, they can show up to remind us.

So, think about it the next week or two: how can you rebel and rest more? How can you show up for yourself so you can show up for others? And how can you sustain such practices?

Keep me posted, alright! Feel free to comment below or contact us at FSW because we love hearing feedback that these messages mean something to you. We appreciate hearing when this wisdom resonates!

Until then, have a beautiful couple of weeks until the next post comes, and bright blessings on you!



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