It’s officially May — Beltane, to be precise! I’m glad to be home after traveling and am getting back into my routines here in the PNW. To be honest, today’s post will be short because I need to take care of my body friend a little longer and am not feeling 110% right now – so let’s get this party started!

I want to share a key step to this “choosing yourself” process… It isn’t necessarily living from a place of toxic positivity, and does take focus, intention, and grounding, in who you are.

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Practicing this Way of Living Until It Becomes Second Nature

Choosing yourself in the face of others seems to be a lifelong process, even for me. I’ve grown a lot over the years, personally and professionally, but I feel that choosing me has been a spiritual journey or a knowing settled deep in my bones and soul. Not everyone will agree to that, and that’s ok!

When folks come at you with their negativity, rigidity, or even a lack of awareness that doesn’t budge, it can be hard to choose ourselves. We get excited about a job or career transition: they’re stunned. Maybe we’re considering going to school again to better ourselves or get a certificate to level up: they don’t get it. Your desires seem impractical and dreamy: their responses is practicality and logic 24/7.

Is that their fault? Well…not really, no. Is their response in their control? Absolutely. And here’s the trick: their responses don’t define you. You define you. And you have the right to show up for yourself and choose your path. They’re not you, you’re not them.

You Define, Create, and Lead Your Life

I almost just want to end the post here, after this headline. Period. Done. End of storytime.

When we – especially as women – have been taught to help others first, sacrifice our needs, and give well beyond our capacity, it’s almost like the world continues to expect it. We can “do both,” but must recognize that the trajectory we want to take, and the future we wish for ourselves, comes from our intuition and our inspiration. And the way to live from this pathway vs. a rigid lifestyle: practice choosing you.



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