Notice That Your Life Feels like a Pendulum Right Now? Try These 15 Things to Find a Balance Today

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

Hey, women and womxn! Happy last Monday of August! I can’t believe we’re working towards Fall. Honestly, it’s my favorite time to slow down and find rest before a deep Winter reset. And a few months of tea, oven bakes, blankets, and crispy dawns? Count me in!

But back to the now… As already discussed on FSW, sometimes we feel like we’re leaning in too much and giving so much of ourselves…and going and going… And other times we might be on the other extreme where we recede from life. Another way to think of it is we’ve got emotional highs and lows or situations where we feel so overwhelmed or, perhaps, even underwhelmed. Some women I’ve talked with have resonated with the following: it’s like we’re on a roller coaster ride and wondering how it’ll stop or end. And we’re wondering how to hit “pause.”

Last week, I talked about the paradox of leaning in and leaning back, and learning how to do that with some patience and self-love. Now, I’d like to talk about balancing out extreme feelings or times where we feel like we can’t find our footing. In that is where we find our pause, to start the next chapter of the journey fresh.

Please know that I struggle with this still and I’m not perfect by any means. During a conversation a few days ago, another womxn and I agreed: these lessons in life show us that we are works in progress. And as we all work through our chapters of change, maybe a whole bunch of tips might help you find a balance that resonates with you, when feeling a little out of whack? Not everyone likes yoga or meditation, but sometimes just breathing or finding humor in things can be uplifting and drown out the world for a little bit, eh? You do you, Beautiful, and you can always contact me and let me know how to add to this list!

Quick Tips to Getting Off Our Roller Coaster Ride of Overwhelm

Here are some of my favorite applications and activities that I use to gain equilibrium back. Depending on what’s happening, I do more than one a day or I use what works and feels natural in the moment:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindful living
  • Reframing what feels uncomfortable
  • Exercising or moving the body
  • Absolute, 100% observation with all the senses
  • Laughing
  • “Brain dump” writing (and burning it sometimes)
  • Chatting with a stranger who is genuine and authentically kind
  • Sitting with my emotions and some of the turmoil, to the point of discomfort until what I am uncomfortable about actually starts to fade around the edges (this takes practice, patience, and a level of awareness without panic)
  • Playing the “what if” game without getting deep into the fears. Logic can outlast the fears sometimes.
  • Listening to others’ conversations so I remember that we all have times of suffering and learning. From this, we can try to empathize with each other.
  • Playing instrumental, grounding music (doing it now while writing to you all)
  • Walking meditations
  • Energy healing
  • Recognizing that emotional rides will not help much, and then remembering what’s in my control will (and seeing where the flow can hold its own)

Much of What We Fear, We Can Work With

At first, we can become aware of and recognize our “big bad fears,” or shame, or stressors; and we all experience rough stuff. But I believe we have so much strength inside of us already, which can deal with the tensions and issues we’re struggling with. It’s that Soul Strength. And while some of these tips may or may not get you to the end goal, they may get you two or three steps beyond the “fear moment.” From there, you may find relief and an outcome that feels more supportive and grounded, or at least find some peace while you seek the resources that are needed to continue onward.

Y’all, these are just some ideas that I use on a daily or weekly basis; and yes, sometimes I spiral before I remember these are in my toolkit, too. Today’s post is meant to be a little “down and dirty,” with ideas that can help you regroup. Or, perhaps some of these activities will help you apply your awareness and self-love, and live from a grounded place that’ll help you make more intentional and aware decisions.

With the academic year coming, or our work shifts once again, and as the pandemic continues, I feel like a “down and dirty” list might be useful this week. I wanted to offer a little less story-telling this time, to help you navigate what is coming up in the new season.

But if you like the stories let me know! I tend to appreciate stories, analogies, and parables, which help me grow, but I want to offer you the tools and content that helps you make your next move. Speaking of, if you want to join the FSW Circle, here’s where you sign up. If you’d like to do the free quiz, you can go here. Both will help you get a little mini-guide. I’m also here for you in every step! You have it in you already to go forth and get over each hurdle, and we’ll do this together! Any questions or extra tips? Feel free to contact me this way or comment below!