Life Lesson: Accepting “Forced” Breaks and Learning from Them

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

It’s February already, Women & Womxn… I can’t even believe it. How are things going for you now that we’re moving into the fifth week of 2021? I know some humans made goals, others are simply glad to be here, and there are those of us transitioning into new places and spaces.

In my world, it’s the month we move back to the coast. There are many things happening pretty much at the same time: RV-fetching, sorting, packing, loading storage units, finishing house projects… This has been going on for a few weeks already, and I just keep telling myself, “Four more weeks… Four more weeks…”

It’s been a mixture of go-go-go and trying to rest, but my Human Nature is a born driver, survivor, and push-through type. When not living from my Wiser Side, I tend to act from the perspective: “Get it all done now to beat the chaos.” Which, consequently, can lead to more chaos, eh?

Do any of you feel the same way? Are you more of a Driver, a Steady and Patient Do-er, or maybe somewhere in between?

While this element of myself has proven useful for deadlines, low times, or crises, over the years, I’ve definitely dealt with the unintentional consequences of “always going.” Physical repercussions, that I never wanted, came and some of them probably occurred because I did too much all the time. So, FSW has been developed to help you, dear Friends, avoid or stop doing the same thing.

Forced Breaks vs. Chosen Breaks

When I think of “forced” breaks that come up, at the time it doesn’t seem like a blessing, honestly. You know what I’m talking about: you’re rushing around trying to get something done and you tweak something in your body or you become mentally zoned out. The day before yesterday, I was rushing to the shop to grab a couple of things and tried to take a shortcut. Arms full, my feet went out from under me on ice and snow, and now my right knee is a beautiful purple and my body is totally out of alignment. The incident has made me physically slower and emotionally aggravated at the delayed productivity it’s caused. Still, it’s brought me a lesson.

With the whirlwind of things going on, this situation has tapered me back because I wasn’t choosing to do it myself. While I don’t like it, I can try to understand it. After biffing it and while sitting on the couch with an ice pack, an idea came to mind. Try to work with me here on the description… I enjoy being on the beach, watching the waves, and am always impressed with the power of water. I feel like that universal power has just literally pushed me down on my ass and said, “Sit down for a second and take a breather. You’re being a scatter-brain and you don’t have to be.” Fine, it was snow, ice, and a slope, not my dreamy beach, but we’ll let this precipitation count regardless.

Let’s Reflect on It

When I reflect backward—as hindsight is usually 20/20—I can see moments where the Universe or Source has tried to teach me a few things:

  • Internet delay? A lesson in patience.
  • Computer freezes? Do something else right then (and eventually organize your files, VJ)
  • Knee and back botch up? Slow down and pay attention.
  • Losing materials or supplies? More organization, but not perfection, is useful.
  • Feeling uncertainty or a lack of direction? Remember things have always worked out one way or another.
  • Radio silence with a project (again and again)? Perhaps it’s time to change the directions or find a new way of doing it.

In any of our circumstances, Dear One, reflection goes a long way.

Time to Reframe

Now, as I type these answers out to my lived experiences, know that I still struggle. When facing a situation, initially, I don’t like to “get lectured by the Universe.” And I try to not lecture you, too. Still, I think that there’s validity in reframing experiences as best as we can, as lovingly as we can for ourselves. This way we can keep growing vs. being stagnant in bitterness, regret, arrogance, or other feelings. Sure, feel such emotions when they come up, but don’t hang on to them, if you can. As a beloved family member says, “This, too, shall pass.”

So, let’s keep an eye on the future while staying focused on this moment, gifting ourselves well-deserved pauses and try to see hope in a “forced” pause that may come. As it’s called at FSW, a “Plot Twist!” can bring us closer to our Wiser Side. At first, we’re just running around ragged, overwhelmed, and looking for a reprieve. But then, we might just get an unexpected gift that brings us closer to center and to the rest we may be (unconsciously) looking for.

What do you think? Do you like this idea of “blessings in disguise” or are you not a fan? Do you prefer being in control of your life, or how do you accept this sort of life lesson? I’m curious to know, and I’m also here to support you through your “forced breaks” or unexpected Plot Twists. If you want, email me 1:1 this way or feel free to comment below. Or, if you want more connection and personalized memos, sign up for the FSW Circle and get a free mini-guide to start living in your wisdom today!