Learn How to “Drop the Heavy” with These 4 Tips: Uplifting Ourselves When Facing Overwhelm

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

Happy Monday, Women and Womxn! How’re things? Confession time from FSW: we’re talking basics today because I feel 100% overwhelmed and I needed to implement these myself. I’ll just own that with you. There’s too much going on, but I can’t check things off the list because they deeply matter to present and future needs.

I’ve already written about lightening up, stress management, and coping before, but it’s been a bit since I’ve felt this…heavy. This “burdened.” Or, this zoned out. It’s definitely easier to help others when you’re feeling more buoyant yourself. But when both parties are feeling the crunch of time, energy, etc., what do we do?

We need to figure out how to “drop the heavy” feelings and uplift ourselves, little by little, my friends. Let’s run through some ideas together right now, so you can take some burdens off your shoulders, too!

Tip #1: Let Guilt Go: How?!

Truly recognize this fact: over 7 billion people on this planet have their own story, their own lessons, and their own paths. Try to let this concept help reframe and “normalize” inner guilt a little bit. If we think of the big picture of existence, being human is a part of our journey and choices are a part of that.

Case in point: we were hit with the outcome of a choice last Sunday (I talked about rejection last week because of this). A colleague described the outcome well; they stated it was a “punch to the gut” and we still feel a little sting about it. Anyone else trying to buy in this crazy housing market…you’ll know what I’m talking about. The life lesson: adjust accordingly, learn from each experience, and thank the Universe if this thing doesn’t come back because maybe it’s truly not the right fit.

Easier said than done sometimes; I get it. But if you’re not sure that something is the right fit for you? Give it some time and instinct.

Tip #2: Your Trash May Be Another Person’s Treasure

No, we’re not talking garage or yard sales here… I’m actually thinking of a conversation that I had with a friend and fellow business owner recently. We were discussing writing and outreach; more specifically, we talked about offering what we have to others even though we might think it’s “rubbish.”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to write about this week because I kind of presumed it’d be rubbish. Brain fog might equate to rubbish… But then, a little thought dropped into my head yesterday: lighten up. Pro tip: another way to lighten up is by being human. We can help others even though we don’t feel enlightened enough or “perfect” enough. When we offer others compassionate support, and ourselves the same, we all move forward together. Let’s give it a chance.

Tip #3: Empower Your Body: Sometimes it’s About Tiny Actions

First, a disclaimer: I’m no doctor or body healer, but let’s still try to unpack this together.

Have you noticed that if you move your body a bit, stiffness or tightness can shift? Maybe with a little movement, you can feel lighter. For instance, if you notice that you’re not breathing deeply because you’re stressed and holding it in: what about taking one good breath to realign? Admittedly, with some chronic pain or health issues, movement may not feel ideal or happen how we want it to. That’s ok.

Whatever our bodies are capable of, let’s just ask ourselves this for a moment: how can I realign with my body right now? How can I honor it? Or, how can I sit with it and let the heavy burdens that it’s holding onto roll away?

Take a moment for your body to relax, if you can, and recognize the lightness that may follow. Then allow the lightness to stay with you as long as you want, giving yourself some peace.

Tip #4: Laugh it Up… And Try to Not go Back to the, “Yeah, But…..”

More confessions: I can be a pretty serious person sometimes, especially when stressed out. I get deep, focused, business-like, and I forget to go with the flow if I’m not careful. How much fun is that? Not a whole lot.

So, I’ve purposely tried to look at funny things online or watch a film that gives me a good laugh. Or, as I’ve mentioned in another post about getting my mojo back, I try to witness happier, lighter things or even get involved with them now. Whether it’s been watching nature, paddle boarding for the first time (didn’t end up in the Salish Sea–bonus!), or saying, “Hi, Sweetie,” to every dog I pass by on a sidewalk… It’s an invigorating break from all the heavy stuff.

In laughing, or lightening our mood, we can reduce a feeling of, “I always have to be on it.” And then we can replace it with, “I can honestly take a break and the world won’t fall apart.” Yes, you can find joy. Most definitely, you can laugh. And more importantly, you can reconnect with your lightness between the stressful times and you can live in the embodiment of your grounded Self.

All in all, Women and Womxn, we could really use moments of light-heartedness. It’s a healing time and, yes, it can take some effort, in the beginning, to loosen up. Unfortunately, we may use some things to loosen up. While that might work for a bit, but in the end, we have ourselves to really count on. I promise it’s possible. While we all face parameters, deadlines, and stressors, it is in us to take breaks. To find some peace. If you’re not sure how to do it, feel free to contact me 1:1 this way. Or, if you want to join in the FSW Circle and get a supportive mini-guide, here’s where you sign up. The FSW Quiz will give you another mini-guide, personalized to help you live a full life if you’re into quiz taking. You’re not on this journey alone, Beautiful. I’m with you step by step!