Commitment Has to Be a Holistic Choice: Finding a Balance Between Wants, Needs, and Our Health

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

We’re just diving in today, Women and Womxn. The last few days have been pretty overwhelming and what a reminder to focus on choices, health, and finding a balance!

Sometimes, life boils down to what we’re dedicated to and not exactly what we’re striving for. Does that make sense? Let’s go to Merriam-Webster to unpack this a little bit.

Dedication vs. Striving: So What?

Dedication can involve a few things, including, setting aside something for a purpose or even holding a ceremony or perhaps ritual for completing or opening something. Striving involves devoting effort or energy or struggling in opposition to something.

Notice the difference? The first, to me anyway, seems to be focused on creating space and time for something. Whether it be holding time for self-care, balance, committing to health, and more. When striving it’s an active and perhaps ambitious, driven push. Naturally, we have days where striving needs to happen; projects come up and deadlines occur. But, if we strive too much or too often, where do we have time to dedicate to ourselves and our growth?

Pay Attention to What’s Repeatedly Brought Up in Your Awareness

Today, I had a wonderful and wholly unexpected conversation. During it, there were messages reinforced again and again: dedicating energy to relationship building, showing up authentically, finding a balance, and more. Also important, we saw with one another that there’s room to help ourselves grow, and each other, in collaboration.

When was the last time you collaborated and connected with others, or with your Self, on your own behalf? Or when was the last time that you dedicated focused time and energy on being real and truthful about where you’re at right now? It’s ok to not know, and it’s ok to know and then wonder how to make changes. Then, dedicate interest, passion, and purpose, into them.

After the last 72 hours, I’ve had to step back and refocus on what’s important to me… What am I dedicating my energy and time to, and what I am letting go? Each choice can stem from dedication or striving, and we all need to figure out what we’re attached to and what it means to hold space for what is and what can come.

This week’s post doesn’t have any tips or broken-down steps this time. It just felt important to be honest and process with you a bit about what dedication can bring into our lives: intentional balance. We’re not talking about “blind dedication” or superficial checkboxes, but being truly grounded in everyday choices that affect our future.

What do you think about this? Do you think striving is easier to do, by being driven and ambitious? Does it give you an edge in life or a path to follow that you feel comfortable with? How do spend your time dedicated to your growth? I’d love to know!

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