Allowing Others to Support You: Building Your Community and Circle

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Holistic Living and Sovereignty

It’s Monday and Samhain is here, fellow women! The Wheel of the Year is turning once again, and depending on your beliefs, this marks the new year shift. I’m coming off a beautiful weekend and don’t mind sharing that I took part in a sweat lodge. This will become a frequent event from here into the next year and I’ll share what feels right along the way with you.

And while I learned an incredible amount of wisdom in one sitting, along with a day in the forest and with our animal kin, I also remembered the power of community. So, let’s chat about that!

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The Beauty of Sharing Time and Space Together

Community, or circles, are here to help us remember that we aren’t alone in our walks. I know that this world, with all its noise and stimulation, can feel unsafe or overwhelming. It feels like we just want to hide away or retreat, right? Yet, there is beauty in storytelling and sharing time and space with one another. And that’s how we can make it here, in this messy world.

So, while I was sitting with fellow women and sharing truths, I realized I’m not really alone. Even when laying on the forest floor, hearing the birdsong, I realized I’m not alone. As I watched the clouds, I was not alone… The leaves, moss, and gentle branches, under my blanket were embracing me in love, too.

Opening Up to the Kin in Our Lives

Now, I know this life and place can feel incredibly lonely, but as we expand our options and open up our hearts to the “kin” we have in our lives… We empower ourselves. We recharge our batteries. And we come to know ourselves in an entirely new way, from different views.

So, this memo is for my fellow “lone wolves” (though, they can and do have packs)…

And this is for you who think you need to carry the world’s burdens on your own…

For you who think that you don’t have a pack that’ll “get you” and your go-getter, changemaker ways.

You’re a Being of Light, here to do amazing work and there are other torches here, too! We can light your way and you can light our way! This is how communities and circles of wise women work, and it’s like being wrapped in your favorite blanket, with a hot beverage, and the stars, all in one!

How to Know There’s a Kindred Spirit With You

Have you ever had that recognition with someone that “they get you,” or you get them? Or, a synchronistic conversation or understanding, in a moment with animals or other beings that just clicked and felt natural?

FYI: you’re not the only one. We just might not talk about it all that often, because we’ve been burned for it in the past or violence has come to us en masse for being different. And we’ve been disconnected from Nature, in our society, for so long we don’t know what it’s like to relate to her.

But not all’s lost… I’ll wrap this up by saying, open your heart up to the kin that will help you “succeed” here while you do the work you’re meant to do. Open up to having a community and a circle, which will support you during the highs and lows. And when you click with someone, and they are safe and trustworthy, nurture that relationship to the best of your ability.

Maybe make a promise to yourself with the turning of the Wheel: build your community and circle as you continue to recreate and realign with yourself. And while you release what doesn’t serve you any longer—like the trees release their leaves at this time of year– you can make room for this new energy and light to come. In kin and in you. Bright blessings on you!

That’s it for this week! Feeling inspired? If you’re looking for more updates and want a more direct connection, join (for free) the FSW Circle. And if you have any questions or comments, leave them below or contact me 1:1 this way. Chat with you soon!