FSW Resources

Here Are All The Links for the Freebies from FSW!

  • Ready to make yourself the priority vs. just your job? Grab your free Priority Pack here! When you do, you’ll get signed up for The Weekly Wisdom which brings you one key tip to try during the work week to tap back into soul-full living in this hectic world.
  • Want to begin to ditch perfectionism? We have a free Perfectionism Pack! It’s like an appetizer before the main entree of the MPP video course.
  • If you’re sitting here wondering what your purpose in work and life is, take a moment to get the free Wisdom Starter Guide here. The ZPB, my signature program, is a deep dive, so get started with this to know precisely where you’re at, today, in the seven areas of living a Wise Woman life from the FSW perspective.

Onto More Sources of Guidance:

I’ve been doing my internal work for well over a decade. Ok, maybe longer… But this list below reflects more recent resources I’ve tapped into for both my business and my personal well-being.

Now, some of the resources for my personal wellness are location-based and in the Greater Seattle Area, but others are online so I’ve split the list up.

Enjoy and let me know if you use any of these resources in the future! I’d love to hear how they’ve helped you!

Business Resources

  • Jeanette Spencer, the founder of Women’s Entrepreneurial Network, is my go-to for learning the ins and outs of online business and marketing! I adore her and the tools I get with membership in WEN are supreme! Plus, she’s a genuinely wonderful human being–bonus!
  • Bobby Klinck for legal docs, plus his newsletter is hysterical and real, and the customer service is great.
  • Canva for my design work and making the “pretty stuff” for my business.
  • DreamHost for my website hosting. They have proven themselves to be pretty grounding and cool when leaving my old hosting platform, as their customer service and support tanked.
  • ConvertKit has been my email unicorn. While I keep things simple, I like it more than another email service I’ve used in the past with a previous job. Plus, ConvertKit workshops are incredibly informative.

Personal: Online Resources

  • For support and insight into continual spiritual expansion, I follow Christina Lopes and Tosha Silver.
  • For different “testing” and personality assessments, I use Truity and I’ve used StrengthsFinder.
  • I’m into organization, and can be a little Type A with some things, and one of my life-saving tools is my planner. I’ve tried a few brands or kinds, but have always come back to my Erin Condren Daily Planner. Honestly, it fits in a messenger bag like a boss. Mine last one had a vegan leather cover, but you can choose the best tool for you with a ton of options. And newsflash: I’ll be making an FSW planner in the near future — stay tuned!

Personal: Local Resources

  • For acupuncture, I go to Gig Harbor Acupuncture & Holistic Health. Kirsty is absolutely amazing, thoughtful, and makes you comfortable during the treatments.
  • For nature bathing, some of my favorite places are local parks and forests. To see what’s available for Washington state, click here.
  • I also work with a spiritual mentor and commit to expanding my soul-full work and why I’m here on this planet.

Naturally, this list continues to expand over time, so stay tuned! Also, I am not an affiliate for any of these resources — I’ve simply found them helpful in my life.