How to Start Over: Think About the Power of Seasons and Cycles

Hello, Fellow Womxn/Women ~ how’s your December wrapping up?

A conversation with a loved one recently got me thinking about a few things… How to rejuvenate our lives, maybe start over, and in simple terms, the seasons and cycles.

There is a subtle (and sometimes, not so subtle) power to seasons and cycles. Any of us can get pretty focused on linear living where there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. The End.

But do you ever see things come back to you full circle? Or do you see how “way back when that thing happened…only to be coming back to you now?”

Sometimes it feels like we try to categorize the thing that comes back: it’s come back to “haunt us,” or “remind us,” or to “show us again this is a really good idea,” perhaps…

In our world, another Life Event happened that brings us back “full circle” in multiple aspects of our lives. No joke, we’ll be moving back from whence we came.

I’ll share more of my feelings on this with the FSW Circle, but there have definitely been Human Thoughts that have come up:

  • Why did we even have to leave in the first place?
  • Why didn’t we get this memo before packing and moving away?
  • How will this move be affordable?
  • My goose and sheep are way too loud to go back to Suburbia…

And everyone’s favorite 2020 questions: Is this circumstance stable? How about fulfilling? Is it safe?

It may sound odd, but maybe one of the more powerful ways to adapt to life and start over seems to be paying attention to seasons. Why? Because they are circular, things change, and beings go away and come back anew.

If we look at the world as our Wisest Selves, maybe things are more circular than we realize and there aren’t just beginnings or endings, per se… It’s hard to see the ways we can start over if we are so focused on the way things were, or the way things are right now, or the way things could be.

What’s neat about having a circular view of Life is that we can see our journeys as more of a trail that goes around and around, and branches out to come back towards the middle and back out again. Maybe we can quit being so rigid and consider, “Hmmm, it seems like we’re coming back to this point for some reason… Fascinating.” Even the weather itself or seasons—including moon cycles and tonight’s Solstice—greet us in circular existence.

2020 has been a pickle; it’s had moments of being quite unpleasant for many people, including yours truly. But we can start over.

If seasons come and go, and day and night shift one after the another… What’s to say you can’t start over and come full circle to a new beginning? What can you accomplish? Or, what are you able to do in this life with, and for, others?

I’ll leave this post with the final comments: the past is gone and all we have is this very moment to make choices in. And as sure as Spring and growth come after a dormant Winter, you, too, can grow. Friends, dormancy is different than stagnation. Allow yourself the ability to rest, recharge, and re-ground yourself now, so you can start over fresh for tomorrow, the new year, and the rest of your life.

If you want to share your thoughts on this, comment below, or feel free to email me 1:1. I’m walking with you at the end of this year, Beloveds, and change is an ever-constant occurrence… So, let’s all try to take some lessons from Beautiful Nature and see full-circle synchronicities as a time for healing, different choices, and growth. Blessings for all the holidays you hold dear!

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Dr. Sam Jennings II
2 years ago

the past is gone and all we have is this very moment to make choices in.” The idea that we’ve spent so much time, money, emotion, energy, on something it’s too late to change is not uncommon, but also not necessarily accurate. If it wasn’t working, why assign more resources to the same when the path forward is the only change that can be made?