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If you’re considering being your own boss or launching your own business, this is the bite-sized course for you. It’s on the tail end of the Zone of Purpose™ Blueprint, but we wanted to give you access à la carte style!

Within a weekend, you could have clarity and more insight into if launching a business is a fit for you, now or down the road.

Grab it now to get started and find out, with authentic and relatable stories, the lessons we’ve learned and that you can operate your business with soul as its foundation.

Varying resources in this video course include:

  •   Encouragement and validation through the lessons and a guide that offers transitional support, if you’re ready to ditch the typical career path and build your business.
  • The foundational wisdom we use for our business, to maintain alignment and structure for this soul-full work.
  • Bonus: A digital copy of Tapping Into Your Wisdom, offering you 80 prompts for reflection and shifting forward with confidence.

Her primary focus is to support women to stand in their agency, alignment, and autonomy, no matter what it looks like in their different seasons. She trusts in women’s ability to carve their path. In addition to being a fully present listener, she has a magical way to plant seeds to encourage women to explore what she feels they need to.

She is a brave space holder and understands that our timetable may look different but once we’re ready to take a leap or make a pivot happen, she jumps right back in to brainstorm and brings new ideas to the table.

Sylva, a Soul-Full Business Flow™ member and fresh entrepreneur